6 Questions Potential Tenants are Asking About Your Property

6 Questions Potential Tenants are asking about your property

If you’re a landlord, you know how hard it can be to find good tenants. When showing your property, it’s important to address any issues that the tenants are noticing, but often they’ll move on to another property before they voice these six questions. Know these questions so that you can better sell a contract to your potential tenants.


  1. Will my furniture fit? Most renters will have furniture that they will want to move into their new house. Many potential tenants will bring tape measures with them, but be prepared to suggest new ways that their existing furniture can be used.
  2. Is there mold? Any visible mold is a sure way to make potential renters flee. Even a damp smell can be of concern to people who have allergies or a mold sensitivity. Consider having a mold removal service in Indianapolis do a thorough cleaning before showing the property.
  3. What are the neighbors really like? It’s hard to figure out if a house or apartment is next to loud, obnoxious neighbors before a tenant moves in, but be assured that any potential tenant will be looking for signs that the neighbors are easy to get along with. If you know the neighbors, introduce them during the showing.
  4. Will my pet be comfortable? If you allow pets on your property, be sure to point out where they can run, play, and um, take care of their business. At the same time, ask about the animal and judge if it is right for your property. A house with little to no backyard might not work out for a large breed dog.
  5. How high are the utilities? Insulation and an efficient air conditioning system might not be the top priority for a landlord that doesn’t pay the utility bills (but does pay the maintenance ones), but most tenants want a place that will let them keep their bills as low as possible. Point out features such as energy efficient appliances and high-efficiency sprinkler systems. You may even want to show them last month’s bills.
  6. Will the landlord fix anything? Having a landlord that is difficult to work with can be a nightmare for a tenant. Show that you’re willing to fix things and deal with problems by being open about upcoming maintenance and other issues with the property.


As you show your property, keep these questions in mind. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Say that ten times fast. Happy renting!

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