6 Steps to Prepare for Painting the Inside of your Home

Painting with Love and Light

Painting the inside of your home can give you an absolute transformation, brightening your interior space and helping you to begin a makeover. However, before you take the plunge, be sure to take six steps to prepare. You will make your life easier and be pleased with your results.

Do a Thorough Cleaning in the Room

Begin by giving the room in question a cleaning from top to bottom, vacuuming carpets and dusting to eliminate as much airborne debris as possible to keep your walls clean.

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Walls

Your walls are likely to have dust, dirt, or mold on the surfaces. You can get rid of mold by making a solution of one part bleach, three parts water. Wear protective gloves and eye wear while you remove mold and allow the entire surface to dry completely. Bottom line, you want your wall surface prepped for paint as much as possible.

Remove Everything From the Walls

Any shelving units will need to be taken down. It simply won’t work effectively to try and paint around them. While it means a little extra work, it will simplify your efforts. Be sure to take down curtains, all pictures, mirrors, and any other fixtures prior to painting.

Fill Any Holes in the Wall

Once you’ve removed shelving and pictures from the wall, there are bound to be holes. Use a putty knife or a spatula to use a filler to cover the holes and create a smooth surface.

Move All Furniture Away from the Walls

Be sure to bring everything into the center of the room, providing you with ample space to work freely. Cover everything with drop cloths or plastic, including the floor in order to eliminate any concerns about drips and splatters.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need Before Starting

Take stock and check your list of supplies. Be sure to include tape to run along your molding, brushes of various sizes, rollers, plenty of paint, and a step ladder. When it comes to paint and other products, go with quality. Remember that you are investing in your home for years to come. Keep track of all of your colors in case you need to make a return trip to the hardware store.

Take your time and methodically move room by room. Consider colors that complement each other and your design scheme or create bold contrasts. You will be amazed at the wonders new paint can do for your space.

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