6 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter Without Breaking The Bank

People need to stop wasting money when heating their home during the winter months, so I’ve talked about a few things they need to do to save money.

Everyone has a big decision to make this winter. Are you going to spend a huge amount of money heating your home, or are you going to get smart and find a few ways to keep costs down? If you want to save money you’re in luck because we’re going to look at some tips that will help you reach your goal.

Get thicker curtains

Walk up to your curtains right now and have a good feel. If they’re pretty thin you might be shooting yourself in the foot during winter because they won’t trap as much heat inside your home. Luckily thick curtains aren’t the most expensive things in the world and they will last a lot of years. They will pay for themselves soon enough because you won’t need to have your heating turned up so much during the colder months.

Embrace the sunlight

Unless you’re Batman there is no need to live inside the Batcave. In winter you need to open your curtains even if it’s cold outside. The sun might not be helping you much, but the sunlight will still come in through your windows and it will warm the rooms inside your home. It obviously can’t get in if it has to penetrate your curtains, but as soon as the sun disappears you can close them and we’ve already mentioned why.

Fake double glazing

I was going to tell you to switch your current windows for double-glazed ones, but when you don’t have a lot of money it’s not a great suggestion. Don’t worry because there is a way around it and it involves using using a special film that covers your single-glazed windows. It will mimic the effects of double glazing only it will cost hardly anything. You just won’t be able to use it on any windows you open regularly otherwise you’ll break the seal.

DIY draught excluders

Draught excluders aren’t the most expensive things in the world, but it’s still easy to make your own. It might even be something you can let the children make for you and it will teach them to be more creative. You just need to stick lots of old socks into an old pair of tights. If you look around I’m sure you will find lots of odd socks. The draught excluder will lie at the bottom of your doors and it will stop air from creeping in the gap between the door and the floor.

Radiator clearance space

It’s a little pointless having radiators if they don’t have any room to breathe. Some people have lots of furniture stuffed up against them. Have you ever felt the back of a couch that is sitting a few inches away from a radiator? It’s always really warm and you’re oblivious to the fact the materials the couch is made from is absorbing all the heat. That means there is less to go around your room and you’re essentially paying money to warm your furniture.

Cover your floors

You lose heat in many places throughout your home, but losing heat through the floor has become a pretty big deal over the last few years. That is only because more and more people are replacing carpeted floors with wooden ones. If you do have wooden flooring you should lay some rugs which will help the problem. You also want to fill in any large holes or cracks where heat could escape.

Enjoy the warmth

Everyone always complains their energy bills are extortionate over the winter months. This is very true, but at the same time people are their own worst enemy. If you take these tips to heart and do something about them I’m sure you’ll save a little this winter.

This post has been written by Adam Wilfred, an employee at MaidInMelbourne.com, experts in professional house cleaning in Melbourne. Adam loves to travel and is very passionate about wildlife photography.

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