7 Tips on Staying Organized When Unpacking in a New Home

When you’re moving from one home to another, it can be a challenge. It’s easy to stuff every household and personal item into numerous boxes and bags; however, unpacking your belongings into your new home is a tougher obstacle to pass. Unloading every packed item can be overwhelming, stressful, and unnecessarily time-consuming. With these seven useful organizational tips specially designed for unpacking, you’ll be able to conquer the stacks of boxes and piles of bags covering the floors of your new home.

Plan before you pack

Before you begin your packing frenzy, have all necessary supplies, such as storage bins and trash bags, prepared for packing. Place a certain amount of storage materials in each room to ensure you have enough for every item that needs to be loaded. After you have packed your items, have labels and a dark colored marker on hand to distinguish each box for easier access and organization. Since it will take time for you to unpack your belongings, set aside a bag of essentials, such as a toothbrush and clean clothes, for a week so that you don’t have to waste time searching for necessities.

Throw away unused items

Take advantage of your moving process by tossing unused and unwanted items. You’ll be able to lighten your load and have more space in your new home. You can even host a yard sale for your undesirables to bulk up your wallet!

Pack your clothes with their hangers

Organize your hung clothing by putting them into wardrobe boxes or cases to easily hang them in your new closet. In less than 15 minutes, you can have your clothing sorted and not have to rummage through your boxes for work clothes.

Unpack the important and essential items first

From appliances to bedding materials, there are a few household items that you should unpack once you’ve brought them into your new home. Once you’ve unpacked the crucial necessities, you can now empty the boxes of personal trinkets, such as jewelry, books, and toys, to make the new home more personalized.

Store items as you unpack

You already have a clutter of boxes and bags, so prevent more disarray by arranging your household possessions by storing them in cabinets, pantries, and closets as you unload. As you unpack and store your belongings, you can organize them as well.

Keep crucial moving documents in a safe place

In the moving madness, it can be easy to lose important papers that you need for your moving process. Place the papers in a noticeable folder — away from the packed mess — and bound them together with a paperclip to ensure they don’t fly out of the folder.

Take advantage of a storage unit

Storage units, such as self storage in Peoria, are an excellent and affordable place for hoarding any extra items you have that don’t fit in your new home. Most storage unit areas allow 24/7 access to conveniently retrieve or store any of your items along with providing security with a personal padlock.

Make your moving day run more smoothly with these organizational tips, and enjoy it as well!

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