7 Ways For You To Keep That Edge as The Top Home in The Neighborhood

Exterior Renovations Made Easy Five Tips to Get it Done QuicklyThere are certain perks that come along with having the most “picture perfect” home on the block. Your neighbors treat you more kindly, more people turn their heads to look at your house when driving by, and others don’t mind strolling across the street to be in the vicinity of your property. If you’re looking to maintain your home as one of the nicest on the block, be sure that you’ll follow this guide closely.


Power Wash Everything


It might seem silly, but to keep everything looking as clean as possible, pressure wash everything on the outside of your home. This quickly removes any dirt and debris and reveals colors that you never thought possible.


Refinish Your Porch if Needed


If your porch is looking a bit raggedy, spend the extra money to have it refinished. Porches are often one of the more major selling points of homes because they have a great impact on curb appeal.


Keep the Lawn Looking Crisp


Nothing makes a home look more boring and outdated than a dead lawn. Keep your lawn looking fresh and green by using a lawn service such as Lawn Butler to tend it periodically.


Water the Grass Like Your Life Depends on It


Between sessions with your lawn care company, you’ll want to make sure that your grass is getting watered as much as possible. Invest in a few sprinklers that cover the entirety of your lawn to be sure that every square inch is getting nourished.


Get a Nice Mailbox


Your mailbox is a bit like a small representation of your home. You want it to be just as sophisticated and inviting as your home is. Find a mailbox that fits in style with your home, and replace your old one with it.


Keep Your Roof Work In Line


If your roof is suffering a bit from natural wear and tear, it’s probably a good idea to have it serviced. Not only will re-roofing keep your home looking top notch, but it will also protect it and prevent it from natural, unfortunate events.


Add Outdoor Lighting


Lastly, you might want to think about adding outdoor lighting for your home. Many people don’t consider this when they try to spruce up their exterior for aesthetics, but it can really add a “wow” factor to your home that you never thought possible. Invest in a few yard lights that illuminate trees as well as the front of your home.

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