8 Different Professionals You Will Need When Building Your Home

Smiling workers in hard hatsBuilding a new home is an exciting time. With the excitement, there will also be an effort to stay within the budget and on-time. To achieve this objective, eight important professionals are essential team members.

Developer or Real Estate Agent

Recruit professionals that specialize in land or its development. Finding the location is challenging so their knowledge about soil sample reports and grading implications is crucial. They also know of land that may interests you.


This is where your vision becomes a blueprint. Architects consider plot dimensions, topography, and environmental standards. They will also create specifications for the number of rooms, ceiling heights, closet space and other desired features.

Building Contractor

Developers and real estate agents have working relationships with building contractors that can take on your new home project. Meet with a few to ensure a good working relationship and results will occur. Look for those with accessibility and a team that will collaborate throughout the project.

Design Consultant

These individuals assist with planning the home’s interior aesthetics. Assistance with choosing the types of appliances, cabinets, lighting, countertops, sinks, tubs, and more is their specialty. Their objective is to include options in the floor plan that meet your personal taste as well as required functionality.

Construction Manager

This professional manages day-to-day building operations. They are responsible for the project moving efficiently. This includes coordinating across a diverse group of players from suppliers to trade contractors. The relationship with them will be the closest as you may speak daily.


This trade contractor handles the major ventilation system. They are responsible for the correct sized furnace, air conditioner, and vacuuming components. Done incorrectly, it will cause an increase in utility cost and affect the comfort of your home. Property insulation is another important role they play.


The wiring of your home is crucial for safety reasons. This makes it important to have an experienced electrician, like the ones from Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati. In addition, having specialty options including a theater room or an alarm system may be things to bring online after the home is complete. They can have the framework wiring in place making the addition less costly.


Plumbers will know the best types of pipes to use that meet building codes and last longer. As homes age, plumbing needs replacement. They also install plumbing fixtures, specialty items such as Jacuzzi tubs and glass enclosed showers.


Several inspectors visit the project from various government agencies as well as the contractor’s staff. This occurs at different stages from beginning to final sign-off. They ensure all building codes and regulation for the foundation to the plumbing and electrical systems meet standards.

There are quite a few professionals needed to deliver an excellent product. Having a team that works well together keeps the project on-budget and on-time. This leaves you free to be the ultimate project manager as your home moves to completion.

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