A Step By Step Guide To Finding The Best AC System For Your Needs

Purchasing a new AC system is considered a big decision. Today, it is one of the most important investment that people make. An AC system plays a crucial role in the household’s energy expenses. Also, during the summer’s worst heat, the best AC system makes sure that your family gets the most reliable cooling comfort. However, with the wide variety of options available in the market today, finding the best AC system that meets your needs can be very overwhelming. Here is a step by step guide to help you make an informed decision in making the right choice.

Opting for an AC Repair versus Purchasing a New One

The first thing that must be determined is whether or not you need a new AC system. The AC energy costs can actually account for more than 50% of the electric bill especially during peak cooling and heating months. You may already have an old air conditioning system that simply needs a repair. If this is the case, you can hire a specialist from AC repair Vero Beach to repair the air conditioning system for you. Another option would be to purchase a new AC system if the old system cannot be repaired.

Evaluating the Available Options

There is some key information that you should look into before making the final decision. An air conditioning contractor may provide you a written estimate of the costs and the type of air conditioning system that you need. The information would include the system type. There are two type of air conditioning system. These are the straight cool type and the heat pump type. Another consideration would be the efficiency rating of each type. The size of the air conditioning system is also something that must be considered. The correct size of the system can be determined through calculating the heat load.


Warranty is something that must also be considered. You can ask the air conditioning contractor the warranty for the parts as well as labor and how long will these be covered under the warranty. Lastly, the price should be determined. This should be the final cost and must include the changes that are to be made in the electrical as well as duct system of the home, installation rate, and the price for the air conditioning system.

Choosing the Right System

When shopping for a new AC, it is very important to find the AC system that can best meet the needs of the household. The main types of AC system are the straight cool system and the heat pump system. The straight cool system is the AC system that includes the cooling device only. However, a gas, electric or oil strip heater may be included in this kind of AC system. On the other hand, the heat pump system would include cooling as well as heating equipment. This system can heat a home at about half the actual cost of any conventional electric strip heating. This AC system costs more compared to the straight cool system.

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