I hired a company to manage my Denver rental in 2008 and, very shortly thereafter, realized I had made a terrible mistake. The manager didn’t respond to phone calls, didn’t respond to emails, was slow about fixing things that needed to be repaired, and was horribly disorganized. She had a hard time telling us exactly what work had been done, when it had been done, and how much it cost.

Being completely fed up with this property management company, I decided to take action. Was there really no better way to hire a company to manage your property than blind luck? Wasn’t there a way to tell the good property managers from the bad BEFORE you hired them? I started PropertyManagementReviews.org in early 2009 as a way for ordinary home owners like me to get the word out about really bad property management services. For the really good companies out there, hopefully we can get the word out about them, too.

PropertyManagementReviews.org is here to help you choose a professional property manager that best suits your needs. Read the reviews posted by tenants and landlords to help you find the right property management service today.