Aging in Place? 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Home For You

As you get older, safety becomes a primary concern. Does your retirement plan include staying in your home as you age? We have four categories of updates you can use to make your home safer and more convenient for your senior years. 

Security with Custom Lighting

From task lights to backlit LED’s, you can hire a contractor to help you improve the light in many areas of your house. Using infrared lights in bathroom fixtures will keep the bathroom warm and bright as you bathe and get dressed. Landscape lighting design is helpful for ensuring your grounds are bright enough for you to see to walk across the yard at night. You can use this lighting for your swimming pool or spa as well. If you have a boat dock, then landscape lighting can provide a well-lit when you come in off from the boat after dark. 

Safety Features

Consumer Affairs says aging in place is widely expected for people between the ages of 65 and 75. They suggest installing safety items that include non-slip rugs, handrails, and grab bars in the bathroom. You should add one bar near the toilet and one each inside and outside of the shower. A shower seat can provide comfort and a secure place to rest if you get out of breath or dizzy while bathing. Bars should have a rating of at 250 pounds and go into wall studs to make sure they do not pull out of the wall. 

Comfort Features

Since you are likely to spend more time at home as you age, upgrading your house with additional comforts will provide warmth. Radiant floor heating is easy to install when you update your floors, and you can opt to do smaller, more select areas if you have a tight budget. If stairs are a problem, then a couple of well-lit ramps outdoors and an elevator or stair lift chair on the inside may be welcome. Adding touch-less faucets and lever doorknobs can make everyday tasks easier for people with arthritis and other painful health conditions. 

Stimulation Zones

Motivating memory recall and providing yourself ways of engaging with technology and social media can help you retain cognitive function as you age. Creating a hobby room gives you a fun place to sew, draw, paint, knit, design, and make gifts and crafts. You can use the space to teach others how to craft or as a place to stay mentally fit. These areas are often sources of stress-relief for older individuals. 

Flooring is another safety feature you can upgrade to make your house better for you as you age. With non-skid textures and applications, your home can be safe and secure to help you stay in place longer. When you want to make your house friendly for seniors, then updating your house with our four categories of ideas can help you keep your freedom longer.

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