Anything and Everything Related to Granite Countertops!

The beauty of the creation of granite is amazing – a natural stone whose processing is done into the deepest levels of the Earth’s crust. The patterns, the colors, and the formation all is done with the help of a natural process when the cold magma is compressed under heat. This is the reason why they are durable and are a very common choice for kitchen countertops. When it is about bathroom countertops, then usually people prefer marble or other stones over granite.

  • The Procedure of Granite Selection and Installation: 

Granite, when processed naturally, is available in various colors and patterns making it difficult for the buyer to choose one out of the entire range available. Inspect the granite slab for any scratch or breakage and do not compromise on the quality of it. These slabs are formed by cutting from massive blocks whose thickness ranges from ¾ to 1¼ inches. If you pick a thicker slab then you need not use a ply for support or any subtop. However, if your heart wants to buy a slab that is thinner than the usual, then you ought to use a plywood as a subtop whose thickness should be at least ¾ inches. One thing that will be common in any kitchen is a hem slab. The granite countertops will have at least one hem, however, the hem cannot be noticed unless you try to find it out sincerely.

  • The Edge Elegance: 

Whilst you are selecting a granite countertop, an edge style that you prefer to choose will also be asked. The way the edges are done will define how the slab will look as there are some which make the slab look thicker than what they originally are. If you do not know which edge elegance will help you to enhance the look of the granite slab then look out for suggestions from a professional like who understand the nuances of kitchen designing pretty well. Some of the common edge styles are:

  • An Eased Edge
  • A Bullnose Edge
  • A Beveled Edge
  • An Ogee Edge
  • A Chiseled Edge


  • Usage Devaluation:

 As mentioned above, granite is one the hardest stones available on the Earth. It is immune to heat, bacteria, scratch, stains, and breakage. The good news is; you can place a hot utensil directly on the surface of granite the countertops. Also, chopping can be done directly on countertops as granite acts as a smooth surface, however, it does dull the knife. If maintained properly, the shine and the hem are everlasting. You can also ask for a professional assistance if you want to regain the shine of the granite or want to take care of any hems that have appeared on the countertop.

Last but not the least, proper care is needed to ensure your countertop looks just perfect. For that you do not have to do much, in fact, a simple mixture of dish wash soap and water is all that you need to clean your granite countertops.

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