Apex Property Management, Inc.

Apex Property Management is Madison’s premiere full service property management company.  From single family homes to multi-family apartment buildings and condominium associations, they have worked diligently since 1986 building a reputation as a management company that goes beyond the normal call of duty when it comes to their residents, owners and clients.

Apex Property Management, Inc.

1741 Commercial Ave.

Madison, WI, 53704

(608) 255-3753


2 thoughts on “Apex Property Management, Inc.”

  1. Chris says:

    While dealing with Apex Property Management I consistently debated if the incompetence was purposeful or genuine. They consistently accused me of having not paid my rent, when I had (sometimes even early), causing me to be forced to argue with a secretary who would not put me through to her boss but at the same time “didn’t have to power resolve the situation.” They also seemed to have many new policies throughout my lease and would try to argue that even though my lease states that I was not responsible for certain fees, that I still needed to pay.
    It also seemed that any time their was an issue with my apartment, people would usually be “out of the office” or “on vacation”. I even had to argue with the manager of my property to get the keys on the day that I was moving in and the only reason why I was able to move in on the day of my lease was because someone else in the building let me in and my apartments door was luckily unlocked. Oh, the reason why I was not able to have the keys on my move in date was because the office was closed that day, even though I have made a specific appointment for my move in date only a few days before. Upon moving into my apartment I immediately complained about the apartment being dirty and unpainted (the paint on the ceilings was pealing and falling off due to a leaky roof), but Apex refused to fix the water damage because, “they did not say that they were going to fix it before I moved in.” They also wanted a years notice to renew my lease, and when I told them that I wasn’t sure if I would be doing in 12 months, they began showing my apartment. The best part about them showing my place, was that they weren’t even showing it for next year, they were telling people the apartment was available to rent in a month! THEY WERE SHOWING MY APARTMENT AS A WAY TO HARASS ME INTO, ESSENTIALLY, SIGNING AN ILLEGAL TWO-YEAR LEASE!.
    Really, this list can go on and on. I love my apartment and would have stayed here all the way through grad school, but Apex’s constant harassment has made me wish I had never moved in.
    -Do not rent from Apex, no matter how much you love the apartment.

  2. Sarah says:

    This company is horrible! They are extremely rude and not prompt about responding to issues. Their maintenance staff is very sloppy. I rent a full house and they cleaned our gutters with a leaf blower! Ridiculous- they left our freshly mowed yard a complete mess and our back porch was covered with dirt. A ball bearing came loose in the garbage disposal and they tried telling me it was a bb- we do not and have never owned a bb gun- what an idiot…they also sent me a bill for that. Then, our refrigerator broke and after 4, yes 4 calls, all they could tell us was that they would call back to schedule something, even though all of our food was spoiling. If I didn’t love the house I’ve been renting for 4 years, I would run from these people!

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