Are You Always Traveling? 5 Clever Security Features for the Home of a Habitual Vacationer

One of the main concerns for homeowners who frequently travel is the safety and security of their property while they’re away. Home security alarms are a traditional and common feature to install, but there should still be extra steps taken to ensure that the home is not at risk of burglary. Thieves have become familiar with standard security systems, and are not always deterred by them. Read ahead for a few ideas that will help you secure your home while you’re away and have the peace of mind that the house is safe.

Motion Sensor Lights

For figures lurking in dark shadows on the property, motion sensor lights immediately turn on once detecting a mobile object in the surrounding vicinity. This is one of the most common deterrents for intruders who easily become alarmed when spotted. Even if thieves know that this feature could still mean that no one is home, they don’t want to risk a big spotlight on them where the neighbors could see.

Wi-fi Camera

Traditional video camera surveillance products make it easy to keep an eye on every corner of the property once inside of the property, but this can make it difficult to monitor the home while away. Wi-fi cameras are increasing in popularity by making it easy to check up on your home through a smartphone or computer while away for 24-hour surveillance. Being able to see your home in real-time will allow you to call the police if there are any suspicious characters hanging around. Plus, wi-fi cameras come in small and discreet sizes so that the burglar can’t detect and disconnect the camera.

Are You Always Traveling -  5 Clever Security Features for the Home of a Habitual Vacationer

Barking Dog Alarm

For the homeowner who doesn’t have a ferocious dog, a barking dog alarm will cause intruders to believe that a large rottweiler is protecting the home. It has a 360 degree radar detector and immediately sounds off the barking for an easy way to scare anyone who attempts to enter the property. According to the professionals of Southern California Security Centers, if a burglar thinks you have a dog (especially a big one) this will play a big part in deterring them from breaking in. Now, you have the option of having a guard dog protect your home, even if you don’t have a dog.

Advanced Alarm System

Alarm systems have certainly evolved over the years as they now offer wireless features that allow homeowners to control settings in the home through a mobile app. Lights, the thermostat, locks, and even pan and tilt cameras are common features that are available through this type of product. The system will even send alerts if a package is left on the doorstep or suspicious activity is detected. Getting alerts about abnormal activity in the home is extremely helpful when you’re away from home. If you’re sitting by the pool in the Bahamas or exploring a castle in Switzerland, you can get a warning text about an open window or broken door lock. Then, you can look at the camera feed on your phone and call the police if you see someone inside.

Alarm Door Security Bar

Alarm door security bars rest against the door and monitor any movement that is detected with the door knob. If a stranger even touches the doorknob, it will immediately sound an alarm for an easy way of warding off intruders and preventing them from taking a foot inside of the home. The steel product can be used on every door of the home for an easy way of protecting the property.

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For the frequent traveler who is rarely at home, there are several ways to protect the property in practical ways—allowing you to enjoy your vacation. With barking door alarms and motion sensor lights, it can be easy to safeguard your belongings before theft or damage occurs. Luckily, we live in an age of highly advanced technology, and can see what is going on inside our homes even if we are thousands of miles away. Take advantage of the resources and technologies available to you in order to outsmart the burglars and keep your home safe and secure.

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