Are You Safe? Six Ways to Keep Intruders Off Your Property


Most homeowners install strong locks on doors and keep windows shut. Intruders can still break into the house if they can get close enough to the doors and windows. It is usually better to try to keep criminals as far away as possible. There are six ways to keep intruders off the property around a home.

1 Advertise a Security System

Clearly advertising the presence of an active security system with signs and window decals will dissuade most intruders from coming onto the property. Security systems can capture images of an intruder that make breaking into the house too risky especially when combined with the possibility of a silent alarm. The system does need to be advertised so intruders know it is there.

2 Install a Fence

Intruders are going to look for the easiest home to break into. Installing a fence along the edge of the property with a locking gate, like these security gates in Toronto, can provide enough of a barrier to stop many criminals. A fence also creates a hazard so that criminals cannot escape from the property fast. A good fence can keep intruders off the property.

3 Landscape the Property Defensively

Landscaping defensively means planting trees and bushes with thorns around the property line or around fences. This will stop intruders from climbing between properties. Bushes and other plantings should also be kept below the height of windows and away from doors so that intruders are clearly visible from a distance if they try to cross the property.

4 Bright Outdoor Lights

Bright outdoor lights around the home will keep criminals away. The lights make it difficult to get onto the property unnoticed. Most criminals will also associate the lights with a larger security system. Motion-activated lights are the best choice.

5 Pets or Electronic Watchdogs

Keeping pets outside during the day often keeps criminals away since animals can be unpredictable, highly alert and loud. Another option is an electronic watchdog. Electronic watchdogs are sensors that create a realistic barking noise if an intruder tries to get onto the property. They can startle and scare away potential intruders.

6 Make the Home Look Occupied

Most intruders wait until the house is unoccupied to break in. Using programmable lighting, leaving a television on and never parking a car outside of the home can make the house look occupied at all times. This will deter a good number of intruders.

It will help to combine different techniques such as installing a fence and advertising a security system. This will create the impression the home is very well defended. Most intruders will simply move on rather than try to overcome fences, cameras and thorny bushes.

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