Avanta Management Group

Avanta Management Group is a full service property management company focusing on residential, commerical, multifamily, and HOA properties in Austin Texas.   Owners of all types of properties looks towards AMG because of our 20+ years of management service. They have the knowledge and understanding on how to increase the value of your investment.

AMG treats the investment as if it was their own. Real Estate is not an inexpensive endeavor and they know this. They also know that excellent property management will help that investment thrive for the future

Avanta Management Group
911 West Anderson Lane Ste 207
Austin, TX 78757

6 thoughts on “Avanta Management Group”

  1. Michael says:

    AMG really has taken care of my properties! Thanks!

  2. lynn C says:

    I have never written a negative review before, but feel that I have to because of my abysmal experience with Avanta Management Group. I’ve been leasing since 2003, and have never had such a poor management company. Because (until a couple months ago) Avanta did not have an online payment option, I mailed my July rent on 6/30. The post office lost the check, and Avanta did not tell me of this until 7/10, when I got a nasty letter in the email telling me that I had to be out by midnight that night. After a number of phone calls, conversations, and a call to my lawyer, it was somewhat resolved. Should I be shocked that Avanta preferred to rack up late fees on my account, rather than call or email me?

    I moved out (thankfully) on July 31, and as of mid-September am still waiting for them to return my security deposit. I gave them my new address in late June. They say they have mailed it to my old address. Please see the idiocy here. But the post office has not forwarded it (I also set up my new address with USPS over 2 months ago). And now AMG wants to charge me to put a stop payment on the check. Why? They sent it to the wrong address. They are the ones who are disorganized and extremely inefficient.

    Do not ever rent with Avanta. Save yourselves a major headache and go somewhere else. Please. It is NOT worth it.

  3. Paul says:

    Untrustworthy, unreliable, unsatisfactory, unstable, the worst experience I’ve ever had in a property management company.
    Please use extreme caution when dealing with this company.
    They do NOT have your best interest at heart.

  4. Nicole says:

    AMG manages my home, I love this company. After seeing the reviews just baffles me. I am the owner of the home, and AMG has been great I have never had an issue with this company and I plan on using them for as long as I need to lease my home. I would highly recommend AMG to anyone

  5. anne says:

    I’m a renter in one of their properties, their maintenance people are the worst I’ve ever seen, they have ruined this owners piping, carpeting,fixtures and walls. it will cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage their own people caused due to negligence and stupidity. Then they will charge the owner for the repairs, shady and wrong.They do not have the owners interest in mind.

  6. Stephen says:

    I am a renter and also rent with AMG. I live in a pretty rough area, and they have assisted me more than once in helping me feel secure. This property is a bit old an not in the best condition, but each request I make they are timely and effiecient. I moved from another management company that was way worse. I’ve been here 7 months and love it. Thank you AMG

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