B.F. Saul Company

Income-producing properties must be effectively managed and maintained to realize their full potential. B. F. Saul Company, through its subsidiary B. F. Saul Property Company, serves as manager and leasing agent for over 30 properties. Their property management operations are organized to fill the specialized needs of different income producing properties. Each property manager is a specialist, knowledgeable in operations and tenant needs.  They conduct operations at each property in accordance with an annual business plan – and always with an eye on maximizing revenues and minimizing costs. The plan typically includes an analysis of financial performance during the preceding year, a review of trends in local and regional markets, strategies for maintaining tenancy or increasing marketability, and both operating and capital budgets. Year after year, this updated business plan serves as the key management tool for increasing current revenues and long-term appreciation of the property.

B.F. Saul Company

7501 Wisconsin Ave. Suite 1500

Bethesda, MD, 20814

(301) 986-6000


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