Bathroom on a Budget: Tips for Remodeling on the Cheap

Bathroom remodels can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you might not have enough to completely overhaul your outdated bathroom. Many people leave their boring bathrooms untouched because they think that without the money for a remodel, they can’t improve the appearance. The truth is, there are so many little updates you can make on a tiny budget that will transform the look of your bathroom. Between little improvements and easy DIY projects, it’s not difficult to amp up the look of your bathroom without shelling out too much cash. If you’re looking to re-vamp your bathroom without breaking the bank, read on for some clever ideas to help you stick to your budget and end up with a look you love.


DIY Tiling Doesn’t Have to Be Mission Impossible

Some people think the only way to re-tile the bathroom is to pay a professional to do it. The truth is even the not-so-handy homeowner can do their own tile in a few easy steps with the right equipment. Replacing your tile will really update the look of the bathroom and it’s as easy as making a stop at the local hardware store and finding a how-to video on YouTube. It doesn’t take a lot of time to learn how tile and fix grout—a DIY tiling project usually can be done in one weekend. You need to have patience when to comes to tiling, especially if it is your first time. If you have the right tools, supplies, and a detailed how-to guide, you can easily master the art of tiling. You probably have a majority of the tools necessary, plus you won’t have to pay for the labor like you would if you hire a professional.

Bathroom on a budget #1

Color Me Easy

When you repaint a room, it is completely transformed. If there is wallpaper in the bathroom, you can easily remove it using a steamer. You likely don’t have your own steamer, but you can easily rent one for a day to complete the project. Remove all the flaked, dirty, and sticky areas if you are painting over existing paint. You can clean and sand lightly over the dirty and flaky areas before applying the new coat. Make sure that the wall doesn’t have damp and mildew prior to painting. Check the source and add mildew inhibitor to your paint if you have recurring mildew. Whether you choose a bold color or just give the room a quick spruce, a new coat of paint will have the bathroom looking brand new.

Bathroom on a budget #2

Old Cabinets in Disguise

One thing that makes your bathroom dated is old cabinets that have faded over time, sustained scratches or chips, etc. Instead of paying thousands for new cabinetry, you can make the most of the ones you already have. Sand the wood on your existing cabinets. After that, they need to be stained. You can also choose the option to sand the wood and repaint it. You can use a color that complements the bathroom walls, or go with a more neutral color. Make sure you use water proof latex paint so that the cabinets don’t get ruined the first time water drips down from the sink. This will is another simple DIY project that can be completed over the weekend.

Bathroom on a budget #3

Looking Trim

Although the trim around the windows and the molding at the base of the walls may not seem noticeable, it could be dragging down the look of the bathroom. You can remove the old trim instead of buying new lumber. This needs to be done carefully. The paint can be removed with a heat gun. Then, sand the pieces down. The varnish needs to be applied or repainted. Once you’ve completed the process, the trim will look brand new!

Bathroom on a budget #4

New Fixtures Work Wonders

New door and cabinets handles need to be purchased. New light fixtures and towel racks need to be purchased as well. You can also add a new mirror to the bathroom. This will give it an entirely new look. You can check out thrift stores and flea markets as well as online or free cycle auctions if you want vintage knobs and door handles. You may find modern and antique fixtures for a bargain if that is the style you are going for. Replacing fixtures, handles, knobs, and racks will give the room a little pick-me-up and everything will look much newer—even if you go with a vintage style.

Bathroom on a budget #5


Another cheap way to improve the look of your bathroom is to replace odds and ends with new and updated accessories. You should replace your rugs, curtains, and towels in colors that are coordinating or complementary. A new curtain and curtain rings can be purchased as well. You can shop for coordinating sets or purchase everything separately if you want to add your own personal flare and combine colors or designs you like. A few plaques or pictures could be added to the wall to really make the room more cozy and personal. But do not over do it—remember, this is your bathroom, not the living room, so keep your décor simple. A new wastebasket and hamper should also be purchased for an updated look that helps give the bathroom a clean and organized appearance.

Bathroom on a budget #6


The bathroom can be one of the most expensive rooms in your home to remodel if you do a complete overhaul. You can make choices that are not too expensive and beat the system by doing a lot of the work yourself. All you need is a little ingenuity, the right tools, and a vision for what you want your bathroom to look like. Information for this article was provided by professional plumbers in Green Bay, WI who specialize in drain cleaning, installing bathroom fixtures, toilet repairs, and more.


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