BCG Real Estate Property Management

BCG Property Management LLC has become a leader in providing full property management services to investors in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and throughout the Western New York region.  As a fully licensed, insured, and local real estate broker, they offer a high quality property management service along with a full range of management, maintenance and repair, rehab and renovation, full bodied accounting, and sales and leasing services to the local and out of town/state/country investor.  Their services are available for single family homes, small multi-unit buildings (2-5 units) and large multi-unit properties (6-99 units).

BCG Real Estate Property Management
1876 Niagara Falls Blvd. Suite 101
Tonawanda, NY 14150
Main 716-842-4109
eFax 716-748-6108

10 thoughts on “BCG Real Estate Property Management”

  1. buffalo investor says:

    NEVER deal with this company they have pending law suits against them for ripping off their customers and fraud.VERY BAD service specially jeremy the owner will scam you with a smile a complete thieve.STAY AWAY AND FIND ANOTHER COMPANY

  2. Company says:

    we provide excellent customer service and full transparency of ALL transactions, accounting, leases, etc. if the buffalo investor would like, we’d be happy to disclose the full details of his account for everyone to review unbiasedly. please provide your full name and authorization.

    Our professional property management services are backed by an extensive and proven track record with local, national, and overseas investors as well as by our 40+ years’ hands-on experience in all aspects of property management. Our experience also includes working with investors on full rehab and renovation projects and converting them into successful investment properties throughout Western New York, including the Erie and Niagara region. BCG Property Management is located in Buffalo and is large enough to provide specialized support to both owners and tenants in administration, leases and agreements, 24/7 on-line reporting, operations, maintenance, and pricing but small enough to offer individual and personalized attention.

    As a family owned Property Management Company in Buffalo, our goal is to provide owners with a business relationship that is at the highest level and we strive to make the investor’s role a seamless and transparent experience which maximizes profitable annual returns along with appropriate growth and security while adding value to our local neighborhoods. In addition, we aim to provide tenants with a long-term home which is well-maintained and cared for and in which they will take pride and responsibility.

  3. Kay Jenson says:

    notice to readers: always good to reference the BBB, as they do a great job in providing unbiased company reviews.

  4. Owner says:

    Please check us out at – We regret anonymous, untruthful, and malicious messages like this and ask any potential client to feel free to interview us and ask for references. We are a professional, licensed and registered NY company and have become a successful business serving a wide variety of local and out-of-state clients.

  5. Joanne Matthews says:

    BCG is a very very well run company. the staff is well experience and professional. i receive monthly rent deposits every month in a timely manner. everything is very well organized in my account account. also they always provide before and after pictures for any repairs.

  6. John Masters says:

    EXCELLENT COMPANY – I’ve been with BCG for over a year and have been VERY happy with them – their service has been good and they have been able to turn my properties around so I’m revenue positive. I don’t understand these anonymous complaints but they don’t ring true to me. Buffalo has a number of property management companies that are fly by night operation. BCG is a professional and licensed business. Check them out!!

  7. aideninvestor says:

    thanks for continuing to work with me on turning my investment properties around. you guys are great and i really appreciate your work!!

  8. Robin (not real name) says:

    Unfortunately I have to agree. I’ve been a BCG client for 9 months. I have been extremely dissatisfied for 8 of those months. Their financial statements are illegible at best. Not once have I received an owner draw without having to call Marion (accountant? not a good one if so.) and demand it. These phone calls always consist of some lame excuse, an “oops, I’m so sorry” and “I’ll e-pay your account X dollars today.” 1-2 weeks later I will receive a sum of money that doesn’t make any sense and is WAY short of what I am owed. I am owed several thousand dollars in unpaid owner draws and expenses for repairs that my tenants have testified in writing never occured. My best friend who recommended them to me after signing with them has recently ended the relationship with an enormous sum of money still owed. This friend has apologized profusely to me for recommending them and advised that I end the relationship at my first opportunity. It is this friend’s second fraudulent relationship in a row with property managers and is now back to doing it solo. My advice to anyone reading this is the same, if you want something done right then do it yourself. I sent out an anonymous survey sheet to all of my tenants asking for candid opinions on BCG Property Management’s service. Had I not done the survey myself I would not have believed the results. Every one of the surveys came back with check marks signaling “Very Dissatisfied” in every key competency. I’m a marketing director for a global company and I’ve never seen a sample come back 100% in the negative. It is my assumption that their solvency and that extravagant downtown office is funded through the aforementioned activities with all of their clients.

  9. Mark Sefton says:

    just a quick THANKS to the team for helping me develop my portfolio in buffalo! so many agents have just tried to sell me on properties and unfortunately i made a few poor descisions by investing sight unseen. BCG encouraged me to make the time investment in visiting Buffalo. this was HUGE! seeing the neighborhoods and streets that you’re considering investing on is SOOO important. the reality is that most houses look the same with nice pictures, but the street and neighborhood in which you invest has the absolute biggest impact on the return on your investment dollars. the management team is great but they cannot create a great paying long term tenant out of thin air.. so i’m glad i spent time with you guys and made some smart purchases. looking forward to a great autumn and more great success in 2012 and beyond. posting this review is the least i can do for this team who has provided just solid investment councelling and guidance.

  10. Mark Catton says:

    I’m an out of town investor who has used BCG for the past 4 years. My experience in dealing with them has been extremely positive and I would have no hesitation in recommending BCG to others.

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