Before Hiring a Realtor: 3 People to Call to Sell Your Home for More

Finding a buyer able to meet your asking price and ensuring that your home or investment property isn’t sitting on the market any longer than is necessary are both important concerns. The right professional inspection can allow you to avoid any unpleasant surprises while a few simple repairs and basic home upgrades can allow you to get top dollar for the sale of your home. From a plumbing inspection to a landscaping upgrade, calling the following professionals before listing your property helps to ensure that the entire sales process can be made easier.

Professional Landscaping

Curb appeal counts for a lot. Homeowners who choose to ignore their overgrown lawn and those who allow a messy or unkempt exterior to detract from their home’s overall image could be making an expensive mistake. From beautifying your property’s exterior to ensuring superior lawn care and maintenance for as long as your home remains on the market, the assistance and solutions that only a landscaping professional will be able to bring to the table can make a world of difference.

Plumbing and Foundation Repair

Issues with your home’s foundation or plumbing system are both issues you would do well to address long before lining up a prospective buyer. Even minor maintenance issues can become a significant obstacle at the negotiation table. Arranging to have a professional plumber sign-off on your system and ruling out any issues with your home’s foundation is often a smart move. Providing buyers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the property has been well maintained can go a long way towards helping you to close the deal.

Roof Inspection

From cosmetic damage to more serious roofing problems, investing in roof repairs or even replacing your existing installation helps to optimize the market value of your home. Missing shingles, sagging gutters and other obvious issues with your roof can be a serious deterrent, especially for buyers who have no interest in a fixer-upper. Arranging for a professional inspection, repair estimate and other roofing services can provide you with the information needed to make smarter decisions.

Home maintenance is an important issue, one that no prospective buyer is likely to overlook. Taking steps to repair your property or to upgrade and beautify your home can be a sound investment. The services and assistance of the right professionals can make the difference between finding a willing buyer willing to meet your asking price and having to sell your home for less.

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