Before Its Too Late: 4 Warning Signs Letting You Know You Have A Leaky Roof

When your roof has a leak, water may drip or even gush into your home during showers and storms. In addition high humidity levels may also cause moisture to penetrate into your home. These various factors can all result in costly damage to your home. Even a small leak with a slow drip can create water damage, and mold growth may also develop. Identifying a leak in your roof up-front is imperative if you want to minimize the damage done to your home.

Missing Shingles

United Roofing a Red Deer roofing company has said that a missing shingle is not a surefire sign that you have a leaky roof, but it is a good indicator. Shingles are placed on top of a protective, waterproof material when installed, and this protective layer may be preventing water from penetrating water into your home. However, if you have found shingles laying in your yard or if you can see shingles missing from your roof, you need to contact a roofer for an inspection today.


Bowed Shingles

Likewise, bowed shingles are shingles that do not lay flat on the roof, and these things may be allowing water to penetrate into the home. You may be able to see bowed shingles from the ground level, or a roofer may provide you with a more thorough inspection. These shingles generally need to be replaced immediately.



A Dripping Sound

During a severe storm with torrential rains, the sound of the storm may be so loud that you cannot hear drips inside the home. However, if you can hear a dripping sound immediately after the rain has stopped or during lighter rain showers, this is a sign that water may be entering your home from a leak in the roof.


Moist Areas

In some cases, the first sign that a homeowner may notice that indicates a leaky roof is a moist area. This may be visible in the attic or in the drywall in the ceiling. While typically is from a plumbing leak or a roofing leak, and a roofer can inspect the roof to provide you with additional information.


Because even a small leak in the roof can be detrimental to the condition of your property, it is important to be aware of the signs and to actively look for them. If you suspect a leak, contact a professional plumber for an inspection and repair service soon. Keep in mind that the damage to your property can become more significant when the repair work is not completed.

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