Big Move? How to Organize Yourself to Make Everything Seamless

The rumors are true. Moving can be stressful. When faced with the prospect of moving, most people let their mind go directly to panic at the sheer magnitude of the project. But, armed with a few simple tips, the stress of moving can be greatly reduced. Ultimately, it’s all in the details.


Make a list

This seems simple, but it’s something that many people forget. There are countless big and small details that need to be completed in order to make it through a move. As the big day grows closer, you will become bogged down with responsibilities. This can lead to forgetfulness. With a list, you can see what you’ve already checked off – securing packing boxes, tape and movers – and delegate details you can’t tackle to helpful friends, family and neighbors.


Have a financial plan, and keep track of expenses

You already know how much it is going to cost for rent or mortgage payments in your new home, but have you considered the large cost of moving? Determine a budget in advance so you can make more informed decisions on how to spend your money. And leave a little room for unexpected expenses. Nothing adds stress to your life like the feeling of money flying out of your pockets.


If movers are out of the question, start recruiting friends and family in advance. Ask around if anyone has used moving boxes or visit your local grocery stores and hit up the stock people for old boxes recommends the experts from Las Vegas, NV. Self storage is always a great option if you are moving into a smaller home.


Start packing the items that take the longest first

Always start with the kitchen. Your dishes, utensils and glasses require careful individual wrapping. This can take a lot of time, and it’s not something you want to be up doing the night before your move. Pack up everything that you don’t absolutely need and plan to eat off of paper plates for a little while.


After you’re done with the kitchen, work on wrapping and packing all the decorations and wall hangings you have around your home. They aren’t necessary for your day-to-day living, and you’ll probably want to make sure they are wrapped securely and labeled in boxes that are carefully marked for fragile items.


A little prep work can make your move feel seamless and mostly stress-free. Just try to remember: change is good.

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