Brooks Management Company, Inc.

Brooks Management Company, Inc. was established by David H. Brooks in 1979 to operate family-owned properties in Mt. Washington and Upper Park Heights. Since its inception, the number of apartments under management has increased from about 50 to over 300, including both family-owned, third-party managed and condominium properties. They expanded their area to include the Hampden/Hopkins location and then kept to a strategy of limiting their focus to properties in north and northwest Baltimore. In this way as a truly local organization, they can better serve their residents and property owners. They maintain a staff of qualified individuals in office/managerial, maintenance tech and grounds upkeep positions. They also have a cadre of experienced contractors loyal and accessible to them and between their staff and their contractors, they are well-equipped to address all of the managerial potentialities of their apartments.

Brooks Management Company, Inc.

2709 Hanson Ave. T2

Baltimore, MD, 21209

(410) 764-7776

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