Bruce Jay Associates

Bruce Jay Associates is a long-standing Property Management Company with diversified services in the Real Estate community. Their successful track record and 30 years of experience is a true indication of thier Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism.

Their goal is to operate your property as efficiently as possible – to save you money! Rental Agreements are reviewed and usually updated to current legal standards. Service Contracts are also reviewed, such as trash, pool maintenance, and others. Invariably, our new clients pay too much for these recurring services. We review the contracts and compare the prices so your property runs efficiently and profitably.

Bruce Jay Associates
1910 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

6 thoughts on “Bruce Jay Associates”

  1. SSmith says:

    Terrible experience with Bruce Jay. Very tardy to reply to questions or problems, usually not until problems resolved personally. Horrid phone response time, takes days or even weeks to return calls. Phone calls rarely answered at all. Not attentive to client’s needs or requests.

  2. JJones says:

    The staff is over worked. They have one person doing all of the accounting for the owners and one person doing the deposits. The independent contractors they use for the repair work are unlicensed and are in all respect just handy men. They have a guy who works there one day a week. The company spends their time putting out proverbial “fires” all day long.

    How can they be attentive to the client or tenant.

  3. Tom says:

    Very bad experience… Once you’ve signed a lease the agents are loathe to talk to you. All they seem to care about is making their commission. And be very wary with your security deposit. They will try to pull anything not to return your deposit. This company has very bad vibes!!!

  4. Bruce Jay says:

    This comment is untrue. We Manage hundreds of properties and our response time is quick. Our Client Base has tripled since 2009 and we have many satisfied Owners and Tenants.

    It is possible that this particular tenant called a mistaken extension and left messages on the conference room telephone, we don’t know what extension they hit.

    Nevertheless, we attend to repairs each and every day…it’s what we do.

    Call us…test us…we will respond…323-660-3600.

    Yes, we are in the field a great amount of time, but all calls are returned…we have over 36 years of experience…and we do the job right!

    Thank you!

  5. Bruce Jay says:

    It seems that this particular tenant was unable to speak to our Management Staff?

    We have many tenants that come into our office and speak with our staff on a daily basis.

    Our Management Staff is NOT on commission, as this person wrote about.

    We only charge for Damages against a Security Deposit. Some tenants do not like to pay for what they broke. And this is when we get negative comments on the internet.

    It seems the satisfied tenants do not leave comments, as they are pleased with our Professional Service and have contacted us down the road to locate another vacancy!

    Our Owner’s are pleased with our work, and we have many long-term relationships with our Owners.

    We Manage hundreds of properties with satisfied Owners and Tenants.

    With over 36 years of experience…we do the job right!

  6. Bruce Jay says:

    As we Managed Hundreds of units over many years, we are pleased that there are only 3 negative comments, with untrue statements.

    Our work is exceptional and we care about all those we work with…always.

    Call us…we hope to be of Service to you!

    Thank you!

    Bruce Jay
    Bruce Jay Associates

    323 660 3600

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