Canton Management Company

Canton Management Company is among the leading regional property management organizations for a comprehensive portfolio of high quality services.  Their purpose is to provide the best value to their clients, resulting in the elimination of property ownership burdens by managing their housing investments and maximizing the property owners’ income, remaining conscious of their responsibility to their financiers, and the objective to secure the greatest possible return from their operations by also providing assistance in renovating or cosmetically updating their properties.  Additionally Canton Management company is a source of information for property owners, current and potential tenants, and for people who are new to the Baltimore and Canton area.

Canton Management Company

2912 O’Donnell St.

Baltimore, MD, 21224

(410) 342-2205

10 thoughts on “Canton Management Company”

  1. D. Batiste says:

    My previous property manager had a lot of issues which caused them to close the company. He transferred most of the properties he managed to Canton Management Company. I find Canton to be well organized and thorough. They keep me updated and abreast regarding tenants, maintenance, rents and evictions.

  2. matt says:

    They’re good about most things. However when it comes to an emergency situation regarding your rental property, they sit down at their office with their thumbs in their ass and don’t bother to respond to you in a emergency fashion. This has happened twice, both with plumbing issues. If it’s their progative to let their property owners property get damaged then I guess they do a bang up job.

  3. Casey says:

    Renting through Canton Management was a HUGE mistake. Chris Kouimanis is a liar. When the house was shown we were told the alarm system was in place and just needed to be activated. After being robbed, we found out that was not true. They did nothing to help us after the robbery. Canton Management would not meet us halfway with an alarm system being installed. After deciding we were not safe, we put in our 2 month notice to leave (we even waited till the lease was up!!) they never came back to fix what was damaged during the break in. Even worse, they charged us for things we reported damaged during the robbery! In addition, Chris Kouimanis lied about other damages done to the house after they “lost” our move in sheet. They still owe us money to this day and are avoiding emails and phone calls! I cannot believe I have to threaten to take more serious steps to get my deposit back. I would never trust Canton Management or Chris Kouimanis. HORRIBLE BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Concetta says:

    Most UNPROFESSIONAL BUSINESS!!!!! Two wks ago I did a walk thru with chris for one of their properties and everything was great! I sent in an application it took over a week yup get ahold of him. When we spoke he said it would just take a day or two..LIE! After 5.days of constantly calling he finally answered. I told him my lease is up today if need be I’ll pay extra to move in today and he told me the property manager will call me right back….LIE! Almost 4 hours later and a different number I found, I talked to the property manager. According to chris he told me they already have someone approved and waiting to sign…LIE! But if he doesn’t sign they will than process my application! Mind you he already told me everything will be fine and I could move in! Now my 3 year old and I have no where to go!!! Thankfully they NEVER even processed my application so I can get my money back!

  5. Concetta says:

    I agree CHRIS is the biggest Liar ever! I wish I would have read this review before I wasted my time! But the property manager is just the same !

  6. Concetta says:

    After checking the bank I found out they did deposit my check on 1/31/13 @ 12:28pm. I talked to the property manager after this whole mess and since they never processed my application I asked just to throw my check away and she said yes, that’s fine and I’m sorry for what happened….blah blah blah that was on the furdr! A day after my check was deposited! She like chris is a complete LIAR. so really this is a SCAM! They will take your application with, no intentions of doing anything with it just to collect and cash in everyone application fee! Although it was only $25 it is still the point. I was lied to repeatedly by not only chris but the female property manager. Unfortunately I do not have her name but I will do everything in my power to make sure this companies dirty sneaky ways are brought to light and this does not happen to anyone else. READ REVIEW ON EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!!!!

  7. Brittany says:

    Their customer service is much less than satisfactory. I had to harass Chris Kouimanis via email and phone for days about my application. I applied for a property on 7/2/13. I called their office on 7/5/13 and only got peoples voicemails. I emailed Chris Kouimanis on 7/8/13 asking for an update on my application since all though $30 is not much to people it certainly is to myself as a single mother. Less than thrilled with Cantons customer service I asked for another update on my application on 7/11/13 and Chris Kouimanis emailed me saying when I have an answer for you I will contact you. I really upset me to see his severe lack of customer service skills. Finally reaching my breaking point I contacted Chris Kouimanis demanding a refund on 7/22/13 since I had submit an application on 7/2/13 with no response it only seemed fair and he emailed me back a very nasty email saying the owner of the property selected another application and they had ran my credit so a refund could not be issued. When was he planning on telling me this??!! I had put my housing search on hold for alomst a month pending the results of this application! One word for Chris Kouimanis … disgusting! They only want your money they could care less about you as a person!! SAVE YOUR MONEY PEOPLE DONT USE CANTON!!!!

  8. Jacob says:

    Beyond terrible. The electricity in half of my house was out for OVER A YEAR! They ignored our maintenance requests, then kept all of our security deposit based on some seriously trifling nonsense. In addition, for other maintenance issues, the work performed was nothing short of awful.

    Avoid at all costs.

  9. dvcb says:

    Avoid working with this realty company. They are dishonest. I submitted my security & pet deposit to rent one of their properties that also happened to be for sale. After taking my money, giving me a receipt, as well as sending me a lease via DocuSign, which I did sign, I received a voicemail a few days later to let me know the owner decided to sell the property. I called back within an hour and did not receive a return call until 2 days later. The realtor kept pushing other properties on me and wouldn’t answer my questions about how this could happen.

    Prior to this, it took over a week for them to give me the status of my application (which could easily be done in a day) and when I was attempting to find a time to come in and sign my lease, the woman pushed it back a whole week. Finally, one day I said I’m coming in to pay my deposits. When I arrived, apparently my lease was not ready to sign (they had over a week to do this by this point).

    According to Maryland Property law, a verbal agreement (which we clearly had) for a lease that is only a year is binding. When I mentioned this to their broker, she said it was not ratified (I did sign it) and it wouldn’t hold up in court. She then said she looked at the timing of everything and it seems my lease was done after the agreement with the buyer. If they were in negotiations with a potential buyer, I should have been told that BEFORE I paid a deposit or signed a lease. It is clear this was happening simultaneously. More importantly, they should not have taken my money. To get out of their legal dilemma, they showed me other properties, including one where I wouldn’t be able to move into until 3 weeks after my original move in date and after my current lease ends.

    I decided to get a full refund so I would not have to deal with them ever again. When I picked up my money, one of the women in the office says “we returned your application fee as well,” as if that made everything better. I have no place to live.

    Thank you, Canton Management.

  10. Sara says:

    I lived at 520 s Durham street for a year and a half. After we signed the second years lease our roof was leaking from a storm. They were not diligent with repairing and this cause black mold to grow in our home. There were at least five different types of visible mold. It took them six months and a threat to put our rent in escrow for them to release us from our lease without penalty. They hired a mold technician in January. This mold ruined half of my shoes, some of our clothes (leak was in closets) and our sofa. The worst experience I’ve ever had to deal with. I will NEVER rent a property from this company again. They are all about a quick fix and they are not diligent with repairs. This whole mold situation could have been avoided. By the way, they never fixed the mold. I feel bad for whoever rents it next.

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