Case & Associates Properties Inc

Case & Associates is one of the region’s largest multi-family residential property managers. They focus their management around the service to their tenants. Their success in the marketplace is evident in the level of quality support and service.

Case & Associates Properties Inc

4200 E Skelly Drive Suite 800

Tulsa, OK, 74135

(918) 492-1983

1 thought on “Case & Associates Properties Inc”

  1. Dan Wiley says:

    Since I moved into creekwood apts I have found that the property has been managed poorly when I moved In they were supposed to clean carpets and never did. When I moved out I cleaned the apt from one end to the other and as usual never to there satifaction but a whole lot cleaner than when I moved IN. Like everone else Im going to clean up the apt when I moved In as anyone else would do. They did not have the place that clean when I moved IN but like most apt complexes they do as little as possible and charge as much as possible. Case and Ass I find to be no diffrent if you can avoid any of there propertries I would encourage you to do so..CASE AND ASS I GIVE A HUGE THUMBS DOWN AND THERE MGT TO ON A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN I GIVE THEM A 3 MR CASE KISS MY —

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