Chapman Properties Inc.

Chapman Properties understands the overwhelming demands of property management, property ownership, collecting rents, finding and screening tenants, advertising, performing inspections, maintenance repairs, accounting and keeping up with the latest landlord/tenants laws. Since 1985, Chapman Properties has served clients in the Treasure Valley, successfully managing their assets and investments in a timely, cost effective and professional manner.

Chapman Properties Inc.

4619 W. Emerald Suite 101

Boise, ID, 83706

(208) 336-5111

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  1. AK says:


    I would never have bothered with this company if I had known that they were just out to take my application fee money and deny the chance to “rent” a property from them. I am in the process of fixing my credit after a recent divorce which left my credit in poor standing. Not only did my ex-husband and I own 2 homes, but a profitable construction company before the economy colapsed. We found ourselves having to start completely from scratch. Since that time, I have been told by multiple rental companies that it didn’t matter what my credit score is (because there are so many people in similar positions) that they base their decisions off of a case-by-case situation and as long as my income was 2-1/2 times the rent, I had regular employment, and had good references (which I do) that there would be no problem renting a home. Even though I have never been evicted, filed for bankruptcy, been late on my rent, or lost a deposit on any home I have ever rented, AND I fit all of the other requirements, that didn’t seem to matter to Chapman. There system was only about numbers.

    I am very sorry to have ever given them my $40 (which I could have saved if they’d allowed me to give them a current credit report that I recently ran so that I could work with a credit repair company to fix my credit so that I may purchase a home) and I will tell everyone I know to NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!!! THEY ARE ONLY OUT FOR THEMSELVES AND TO FILL THEIR OWN POCKETS WITH MONEY THAT THEY DON’T DESERVE (and I know that they pocket a minimum of $10 per application fee they process because most of them charge $20-30 max to run).

    I will be filing a report with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Housing Commission for unfair discrimination and poor business practices.


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