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Chatel Real Estate, Inc. offers your condominium the benefits of professional property management:  Designated Property Manager, Relationship with Condo Board and Owners, Maintenance & Repairs, Preventive Maintenance, 24-Hour Emergency Service, Utility Cost Savings, Collection of Funds, Payment of Bills, Monthly Reports of Revenue and Expenses, Annual & Periodic Financial Summaries, Detailed Records of All Financial Transactions, Reserve Fund Management, Assistance in Preparation of Annual Budget.

Chatel Real Estate

307 S Washington Street

Alexandria, VA, 22314

(703) 684-1010

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  1. CNG says:

    In the two frustrating years we’ve been with Chatel we’ve had at least 5 property managers assigned to our unit, only one of whom could be considered responsive. Strangely, none of them seem to make any notes on our apartment because each new manager has no idea who we are or the history of our place. One was so awful as to tell me that our broken AC was all in our heads. We pay a lot of money for our place and it’s more than frustrating to be treated as an afterthought. Expect to make daily phone calls and emails if you plan on getting any attention to your concerns.

    The worst part about Chatel is the foot-dragging. Average wait time is a week foranyone to respond to your emails and phone calls are rarely followed up on. In the event your maintenance request gets addressed, you won’t get any estimate on when the maintenance man will be there. If your lucky enough for him to come out you pray that whatever the problem is can be resolved then and there because it’s at least two weeks before you’ll ever see him again. I will say that the maintenance men I’ve seen have been friendly and competent, but they’re hamstrung by awful management and ineffective scheduling.

    Unfortunately, once Chatel has your business or the business of your landlord, they seem to wax uninterested and lethargic. The only good thing I can say about them is that Lou is decently friendly when you’re in the office. But that doesn’t go very far when you wait two months as simple of a request as a leaky faucet to be addressed. Looking at the other positive reviews, I wish I could say my experience was remotely comparable to theirs.

    (Note that I’m posting anonymously because given my poor experiences with them so far, I don’t trust Chatel to treat me fairly should they know who I am.)

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