Circle Point Homes Real Estate

As a company with over 20 years of experience and a member of the Northwest Multiple Service and the IBA (Independent Brokers Association), Circle Point Homes Real Estate provides their buyers with access to real estate of homes and land throughout Greater Seattle, West Seattle, Ballard, Green Lake, Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Lake Forest Park, Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Bothell, Kenmore, Kent.

They can handle all aspects of Seattle property management from asset management, association management to collecting rents and arranging for repairs for Seattle property management.

Circle Point Homes Real Estate, Inc.
2301 NE Blakeley ST 101B
Seattle, WA 98105

3 thoughts on “Circle Point Homes Real Estate”

  1. Diane Miller says:

    We DO NOT recommend this management company to anyone. They have POOR customer service, the owner Thomas Wilkerson has authorized repairs without prior owners knowledge, The “INTEGRITY” they state in their site is falsely advertise. We are currently taking them to court and have filed complaint to the State of Washington Real Estate board.

  2. Angela Brighenti says:

    I have to say agreed with the first commenter on this company. Circle Point Homes is not interested in providing quality customer service to current clients. Once they get their rental contract signed, their customer service goes right out the window. Getting repairs on appliances from these people has been a nightmare. They think you should take time off from work just to accomodate them. The owner Thomas is flat out rude and has no business being in the industry of helping people. He’s terrible!

  3. Thomas says:

    First I want to share that every Association, Landlord and tenant are important to me and the company and we truly want your business. We do our best for everyone and strive to do even better. I’m sorry you feel we have not done well by you and the association. We have done our best to serve you all to our best and like I said our best is a constant evolution. Our best 11 years ago is not our best today because of experience. Every day we gain more information on how to improve.

    Your correspondence with us has helped us improve and we will continue to improve. We operate under the highest of integrity and congruency. We do and will make mistakes that is a given to me but when the mistake is discovered we will jump as quickly as we are able to correct it and put in a system to catch whatever the error was so that it will not happen again.

    Every Association, Lanlord and Tenant are unique and has there own special needs that we do our best to accommodate but it has to be within reason and a response time that measure against its urgency.

    My promise to you all is that we are doing our best we will improve along the way. Should what I am sharing not resonate with you all then I’m sorry to lose your business. As far as trusting us well that is a subjective issue and you all will have to decide whether you do or you do not.

    I’m very happy with my staff and do not anticipate any changes we have however implemented a team meeting once a week with the staff that are involved with our HOA management, Lanlord and Tenant to better our internal communication in regards to the all. We are also improving the web site to show the monthly maintenance routines and maintenance communication. It is our goal to have a one place communication tool for the association and the management company work from.


    Thomas Wilkerson (President)

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