Cleaning Up the Junk: Six Tips for Organizing Your Home’s Storage

Cleaning Up the Junk Six Tips for Organizing Your Home's StorageSo you decided to organize the storage areas in your home. You are probably wondering where to begin. Luckily for you, we have done the hard work for you and created six tips that will help you get through the process in one piece.

1. Family effort

If one person in your home tried to organize everything, they would probably misplace someone else’s things in the process. If your whole family has things stored in your homes storage spaces, they should all be a part of the organizing process. At the very least, they should be involved in the planning stages. It is never a good thing when someone’s favorite item ends up in the garbage.

2. Throw things away

While we’re on the subject of garbage, that’s where a lot of things are going to end up. If you truly want to organize your storage space, you will need to get rid of some things. This is the only way you will free up any space for other items. Of course, these unneeded items don’t literally have to end up in the dumpster. If you can sell them or give them away, go for it.

3. Small to big

We all like to see results, and when we begin our clean-up with bigger items, it seems like more is getting done. However, it is best to start off with the smaller items first. This will be the most tedious part of the organizing process, so get it done right away. You will have to get to these small things eventually, so the quicker you get it out of the way, the faster everything else will get done.

4. Don’t stop

If you get on a roll, keep it up! When you stop for a short break, it becomes harder and harder to get back to work with every passing second. Give yourself a chance to build up a little momentum and use it to your advantage. If you stop for too long, you may never go back to it.

5. Organize similar items

As you get a little further into organizing the storage areas in your home, you will get to a point where you are putting things back away. At this point you should organize all of your things into smaller groups. This will make everything easier to find when you are looking for something in the future.

6. Add space

Even after getting rid of all of your useless junk, you still might not have enough room to fit everything that you want to store. In this case, you should add a new storage area to your home. If you have a lot of extra space in your home, you might already have a good spot for storing extra things. If not, you may have to purchase some bins, or even a small shed to store things.

Organizing the storage spaces in your home will make things a lot easier to find in the future. Sometimes precious items like photo albums can be stored away for years without you even knowing they’re there. You may do well to hire a professional company like Grimebusters Ltd. (a maid service in Edmonton) to help you with tougher cleaning or keeping the area organized.

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