Clear Out The Clutter: Five Uses Your Garage Could Have Once It’s Cleaned Out

5 Uses Your Garage Could Have Once It's Cleaned Out

Is your garage full of stuff that you really don’t use? Do you find that you have to search through mountains and piles to find that one tool for a project? Clearing out the clutter not only helps you get the garage organized, but it also means that you can start putting your garage to better use. Parking the car inside is the obvious choice for many, but you may find that you have bigger and and more exciting ways to use this space.

Build a Man Cave

You don’t have to invest in a permanent conversion to transform your garage into a guy’s hangout. Invest in an insulated door with windows to let more light in. Finish off the walls with sheetrock, and have the floor finished with decorative concrete. Add a few area rugs and a space heater, and your garage is ready for the television, pool table or whatever else you dream of for your man’s space.

A Working Room

The garage is a natural choice for a workspace. Turn it into a working room by adding a large, sturdy work bench and perhaps a few extra electrical outlets. You’ll need better lighting for working on your wood projects or building your handheld radio, so consider adding more lights along the walls and ceiling.

Working Out

Garages are perfect for home gyms for several reasons. Putting the heavy equipment in place is easy with the large door, and you can get plenty of fresh air when you’re working out in decent weather. Add a television on one wall for entertainment while you’re on the treadmill, and be sure to put thick pads down on the concrete floor for doing weight lifting, squats and other exercises.

The Artistic Area

If you love working with paints and chalks, then you appreciate how messy the artistic process can be. Move your studio out into the garage to have the privacy you desire. Add the appropriate lighting, and paint the walls in a color that suits your creative mood. Consider switching to an all-glass door if you want to bring in plenty of natural light or have an incredible view you want to enjoy at all times.

Three Seasons Room

With a glass door, your garage can easily become a three-seasons room. Open up the sheetrock overhead so that you can have a finished vaulted ceiling. Eliminate the open shelves and replace and necessary storage with neatly closed cabinets. Consider adding windows on the other exterior walls to bring in more natural light. Add an outdoor area rug and some luxurious patio furniture for the finishing touch.

One of the benefits of converting the garage in any of these ways is that the conversion isn’t permanent. If you choose to sell the house at a later time, the garage can easily be restored for its original purpose. This preserves the value of your home while allowing you to make better use of this important space. To get started with any of these projects, get rid of all the extra junk. Donate unused items to charity and throw out old items that you don’t need or don’t work anymore. Recycle your old electronics and scrap metal often found in the garage for a little extra cash to get you started on your project, say the experts at Federal Metals Inc.

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