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Cleveland Property Management Group is a full-service real estate company. They offer 12 years of professional real estate experience and while their areas of specialization are buying, selling and renting investment property, their real specialty is making you comfortable with your real estate transaction. They provide full management services, marketing, tenant screening, leasing, maintenance and accounting.

Cleveland Property Management
67 Alpha Park
Cleveland, OH 44143

4 thoughts on “Cleveland Property Management”

  1. Propars says:

    As a Tenant I must say CPMG (Cleveland Property Management Group) is the worst property management group I have ever experienced working with (2012). The total lack of communication to solve at all levels, completely inappropriate behavior from management and the worst level of service you could ever imagine when you have a complaint are part of why I consider CPMG as the worst choice for tenants.

    As an executive manager at an international company I have had the opportunity to live in different countries and places over time. I have worked with several properties management companies where they all did a good job and some even did excellent.

    In the particular case of CPMG the rental property we got was not even checked before we moved in, safety issues were not addressed, pipe leaks (4 leaks), No draining on the bathtub and sink, Poor hot water, Lightening missing/broken in most of the interior and exterior lamps of the house, smoke detectors broken, stairway broken are just part of the issues we had to deal with the day we moved in.

    The staff team denies giving the name of their supervisors, people change their position in the e-mails they send taking different roles and there is a total lack of customer service mentality. Totally inappropriate communication and the inability to even say “sorry” we missed checking the house as we promised we would do before your move in date, or say “sorry” for the untimely and inappropriate communication we have had. In addition to this the general manager is denying to give us time for a meeting to discuss issues and even the receptionist has the instruction not to give the name! What kind of company is this!!!

    TENENTS: I strongly suggest that if you are going to rent and there is any involvement of Cleveland Property Management Group, just walk away and don’t do it, unless you can live a completely inappropriate behavior from its staff.

    OWNERS: Be sure we will never rent a property again where Cleveland Property Management Group in involved and, we will let every person we know about our extremely bad experience.

  2. Deonte says:

    I must agree with the above commnetor. I too feel victim to CPM. They are horrible, everyone changes titles. They refuse to meet, give names.


  3. Paul Dirac says:

    This company is abysmal. Terrible response times to issues like water leaks. A lot of complaints seem to be ignored entirely. You are left to repair issues with your own time/money, even if your lease states otherwise. Many repairs are half-assed patches instead of full repairs.

    I don’t know for sure if CPMG are incompetent, lazy, apathetic, willfully crooked, or some combination thereof, but they should be avoided nonetheless.

    I recently looked them up on BBB, and I had to stop and seriously wonder if some of the submitted complaints weren’t mine, because a lot of the complaints sounded like issues I’ve had.

  4. Karma says:

    We signed a lease on a rental house with this company in 2015.

    When we moved into the house, we found out the radiators had leaked and caused the 1st floor ceiling to fill with water and leak, and some of the radiators weren’t producing heat. Also, the range was leaking gas when turned on, the microwave didn’t work, the refrigerator didn’t close properly, and when you turned the kitchen ceiling fan on it had the potential to catch fire. The company was very slow to respond and have these issues addressed even though we wanted to be our first few days in the house to be a positive experience. This set the tone for the remainder of our time with CPM.

    On the move-in inspection, my wife annotated about 50 deficiencies with the house. Even though my wife followed-up with CPM to have the issues addressed on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis, they only ever addressed / fixed about 1/4 of the issues. If we left the kitchen ceiling fan on for more than 30 seconds, it would start a fire that would burn the entire house down, yet they never attempted to address this issue. When it came time to move out, they tried to charge us for two of the items that my wife noted. My wife was able to FWD them the original email she created with the list of annotations, but since they “could not locate” the list of deficiencies their representative created during the inspection, they left us on the hook to pay one of the deficiencies.

    Water, trash, and sewer were written into our lease agreement as a monthly flat rate. We were informed that if we were using utilities at a rate that would be more than the flat rate, we would be notified. Even though we were never informed that we were somehow going over our allotted water amount each month (I still can’t even fathom how that could have occurred with just the 2 of us living in the house) for the entirety of our stay at the rental house, we were charged something like $600.00 at move-out to account for the overages, and it was withheld from our security deposit.

    During the last month of our stay at the CPM rental house, the water pipe leading to the 2nd bathroom froze and burst. The bathroom was non-operational the entire last month of our stay there even though my wife followed-up with CPM throughout the entire month. The guy who came out to look at the pipe at one point even tried to blame my wife for the pipe freezing.

    I’ll never deal with this company again, and I suggest you find another company to rent your property from.

    I will say, though, that one of the maintenance guys they have, Chuck, is a solid and hard-working guy.

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