Cobblestone Property Management, LLC

Cobblestone has been locally owned and operated since 1995. They pride themselves on quality, cost effective service, and excellent tenants. They provide detailed monthly statements to the owners of their properties, and will pay mortgages and any other expenses that owners require. Their goal is to keep your properties occupied with superior tenants that will treat your investment like their own home.

Cobblestone Property Management, LLC

3629 N. Cole Rd.

Boise, ID, 83704

(208) 322-8077

5 thoughts on “Cobblestone Property Management, LLC”

  1. We are so disappointed with this company & the lack of service they provide. They are very unprofessional & do not want to do anything to earn their money. They neglect the properties, yet make you feel small if you are very a detailed person on your move in report & if you prefer cleanliness. The complaint below confirms what I suspected all along. We also will be taking them to court should this happen. They were dishonest from the beginning!
    They have not made any repairs that are needed, including plumbing issues that are ruining the owner cabinets from a water leak. It’s been weeks & they have not even bothered to even respond to written notification, even with a reminder.
    Our house was supposed to be clean & ready for move in… it was far from it! They already had our money & signed lease, why should they? Shame on you guys!!

  2. Jesse says:

    I am a current cobblestone renter and when we moved in to our current residence we were promised a perfect place. They lied. The whole house was overgrown with weeds. There was an oil barrel and garbage left on the side of the house and a disgusting oil sludge animal feces spill. The house was filthy. The lawn was not even mowed. We had to clean it all up ourselves and we have had to fight tooth and nail to fix most problems since. Also as soon as out lease was up they sent us a notice telling us if we did not sign a 1 year lease they are going to increase our rent $25 a month. We are going to move out as soon as we can. Do yourself a favor and do not rent from cobblestone property management.

  3. renee cummings says:

    Myriad of problems with cobblestone from beginning to end. Do not rent from them.

  4. Susan Hoitt says:

    I am resident of Cobblestone in Sarasota FL formerly Palm Terrace.
    Once this property changed hands,the entire park has gone to HELL
    Property manager has done NOTHING to clean up degenerates, prostitution that reside in our once calm tranquil park.
    She gone as far as calling me incompetent all the knowing I am recovering from breast cancer.
    I wish Corporate would hold new management responsible for her incompetence and insulting my intelligence

  5. Susan Hoitt says:

    Cobblestone of Sarasota is mismanaged, does NOT enforce rules and regulations
    New manager has proved to be incompetent and new office manager should be fired

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