Cooking Up a Dream: 3 Kitchen Updates to Make Now

When embarking on a kitchen update, the focus should be on incorporating elements that make the kitchen efficient, functional and accommodating to your cooking style and lifestyle. Most likely one of the reasons you are updating your kitchen is to give it a trendy appearance. The 2019 trends focus on the use of earthy colors, natural elements and minimalistic décor. 

Updating Your Kitchen Décor 

With minimalistic being a key component of 2019 kitchen décor, you can focus on selecting fewer decorative items. Choosing a minimal number of accessories gives you an opportunity to make the items you do select more unique and impressive. It also leaves more money in the budget for other kitchen items such as appliances, cabinets, flooring and countertops. Terrazzo reappears in 2019. If you are hesitant about using terrazzo on a large scale such as on the walls or floor, you can include terrazzo accessories in your kitchen décor. Pendant lights that make a style statement are a popular part of a kitchen update.

Updating Countertops and Cabinets

The latest trend has fewer upper cabinets included in the kitchen design. Open shelving replaces standard upper cabinets. Hardware is greatly simplified. Cutouts and edge pulls are the new trend. Quartz is the trendy countertop material. The term “honed” is part of the 2019 trend. A honed finish differs from a polished finish in that it has little or no shine. Veining is another popular feature of countertops. An updated kitchen could include the increasingly popular tall backsplash which often features veining similar to that of the countertops. Another new design trend for an updated kitchen is single level islands. This allows for an unobstructed view in an open floor plan design. 

Updated Appliances and Faucets 

Matte finish appliances are taking over. Replacing stainless steel appliances with appliances with a matte finish and updated technological features would instantly update your kitchen design. Replacing old appliances can increase the efficiency of your kitchen. As part of your updating project, you might want to have special plumbing features installed. Those features could be the addition of faucets with pull-down sprayers or hands-free faucets. Pot filler faucets can be a nice convenience in your newly updated kitchen. If you are having any issues while considering these updates you might need some pipe repair services so be ready for anything.

As you plan your kitchen update, consider what features would make meal preparation easier for you. This is especially important when selecting new appliances. You’ll also want to consider what type of eating area you need to accommodate your family and entertainment style.

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