Creating Your Own Space On A Budget: Three Nifty Design Tips

Decorating on a budget is easier than one thinks. There are several methods to bring about complete change without having to spend a great deal of money for it. Follow the three tips below for instant change that costs very little to absolutely nothing. Think outside the box to create other possibilities.



Color goes a long way and it is, perhaps, one of the easiest forms of drastic change one can make. Not only can walls take on different colors, but so can furniture and various types of fabric. Use a few key colors that accentuate the home. Paint one wall one color and the other wall the other. Use these two colors to strategically paint different pieces of furniture to serve as accent pieces. To further tie furniture in, use dye to change the color of throws, removable couch cushions and even curtains. Check for color fastness and material before attempting to dye.


Thrift Stores

Thrift stores have hidden treasures. Depending upon where one goes, extra special items can be found. Wall decorations, vases, furniture and other pieces of art can be found at thrift stores. To find particular items, the key is to seek out certain thrift stores that would likely have these items. For instance, for newer electronics, such as cappuccino or espresso machines, visit a thrift store in a well-to-do area. Items in these stores typically have relatively new items in good condition. Beach areas typically feature artsy and eclectic items in their thrift stores. Keep this in mind the next time exploring new areas.


Stock Items

Buying stock items is an excellent way to decorate without going overboard on a budget for home and office furniture in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For instance, stock items come in standard sizes so that they can be produced at a cost efficient price. Home items and office furniture can both be obtained at a reasonable price using this method.


There are endless possibilities to creating change on a budget: change the house around; take items from other rooms and place them in others to help place like items in one room or a particular color theme in another; resort to making a headboard with cushion and cloth; and use stencils on the wall to create a different look. The best part of decorating on a budget is that the true self shines through because the décor you choose is not mass-produced.

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