Creative Lighting Solutions For Your New Home

Moving into a new home is the perfect time to consider some creative lighting additions. It’s a good idea to turn on all the lights and do a walk-around inspection to see how well all the rooms are lit and what kind of effect is produced. New homeowners can construct a map and mark places that have weak light or areas where a decorative fixture would do well to accent the surroundings. Here are some ideas for getting creative with light in your new home to make it an attractive showplace.

Creative Lighting Solutions For Your New Home


Bathrooms are an area of the house where you should have a brighter appearance, something akin to way direct sunlight comes in from all directions. This is the area where people scrutinize their complexions and examine their bodies. Replacing the existing light cover with a more diaphanous style will allow more light to come through and illuminate the bathroom. For a cost-effective and energy-saving approach, you may opt for fluorescent fixtures or bulbs. A simple fluorescent rail overhead will spread the light out evenly and save on energy costs. Another popular option are solar tubes, which are flexible skylights. Solar tubes mount between the ceiling joints and the rafters, able to capture ambient or direct light.

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is important since it is the food preparation area. Shadows and weak lighting in the kitchen can hinder work efficiency. Fluorescent track or strip lights tucked under the cabinets do well to illuminate counter space, especially if they are equipped with a dimmer switch. Strip lights work well over an island where most of the work is performed. Small strip lights do well when installed in the upper parts of glass display cabinets, illuminating glassware and fine china. Illuminated pictures add accent lighting to the décor as well as make a fashion statement. For a large kitchen, the addition of eyeball lights, track lighting and up-lighters will throw more task lighting out, saturating the area. To get an idea of the vast array of kitchen lighting fixtures available, visit for a wide selection.

Living Room

Ceiling fans do well in the living room area whether they have multiple or single bulbs. Some multiple bulb designs have directional sockets that can be positioned to accent any part of the living room. The fan is also a convenient device for keeping occupants cool in the summer or spreading floor heat during the winter months. Standing lamps are great for placement in living room corners; when strategically placed, they open up the full dimensions of the room. Adjustable table lamps do well on ends tables and they may be color coordinated to the living room colors.

Dining Room

A chandelier is the perfect statement piece over the dining room table. A homeowner may wish to pick a style of chandelier that reflects their décor, such as baroque, modern, old English or art deco. Small energy-efficient bulbs are available for multiple bulb chandeliers. A dimmer switch provides just the right touch of atmosphere and can change the mood of the entire setting. Electric candles placed on either end of the dining room table will add elegance to the dinner setting and only require pennies of battery power.

Home lighting is the ultimate décor statement in a home. It can make all the difference in appearance and presentation. Nowadays, the best selections of lighting fixtures are the very high-efficiency, energy saving bulbs that keep those monthly electricity bills down. Not only does lighting offer esthetic appeal but it doubles as a home improvement and ups the property value. So don’t afraid to be creative!

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