Curb Appeal: How to Get Your House Ready to Sell in Spring

If you’re looking to sell your house this spring, you want every advantage you can get. You also want to maximize the benefits from any money you spend. After all, it doesn’t make sense to dump thousands of dollars into your house if it won’t make it immediately more appealing. So let’s jump in and look at some economic improvements that boost curb appeal.


Window Cleaning

Cleaning the windows might seem like a small thing, but it is core to a good presentation. When you walk up to a house or business with dirty windows, does it make you want to go inside? Not so much, right? It probably makes you think that the owner doesn’t care and things will only get worse inside. That’s the last thing you want potential buyers thinking about your house. Pro tip: make sure you clean both the inside and the outside of the windows.



You don’t need to rework your entire lawn to make a good presentation. What you want to do is make the best of what’s there. That means mowing and edging the lawn. If you’ve got flower beds, weed or replant them. Daffodils and tulips are always a solid choice. Don’t forget about the trees and shrubs. Misshapen bushes and trees with dead limbs are an instant turn off for many potential home buyers. It’s always a good idea to hire a tree and shrub service like Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc. to handle trimming and pruning. Tree trimming is dangerous work and best left to professionals.



Since you’ll need to move as soon as your house sells, you may as well get a jump on packing. This has some benefits. For one, it cuts down on your work later. It gives you a chance to make decisions about your belongings while you have a clear head. Packing some things up also helps to de-clutter your home. This opens the space up and lets potential buyers more easily imagine how they’ll arrange their stuff in the house.


Building curb appeal for the spring isn’t about making a massive investment. It’s about making choices that help to show off your house in the best light. Small steps like cleaning your windows and landscaping present the exterior in the best light. Packing up some of your belongings opens the space up and lets potential buyers imagine themselves there. Stack up enough of these small improvements and you get a house that people want to buy.

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