Davidson Properties, Inc.

Davidson Properties specializes in a management style that meets our owners’ exact needs.  Owner feedback has helped them establish this unique management style, giving them the diversity to be the leader in their industry. Be assured, every home managed by Davidson Properties is meticulously checked and inspected.  They implement quality programs that are tried and true.  Service personnel and management work together to guarantee you a trouble-free experience and top quality service! Their serious Service and Management expertise back your property with time-proven credibility and support to their owners. A good looking, well maintained home is important.  Davidson Properties has built its reputation on utilizing high quality, competent service vendors.  The value will be obvious in the home’s appreciation.

Davidson Properties, Inc.

5711 Broadway

San Antonio, TX, 78209

(210) 826-1616


1 thought on “Davidson Properties, Inc.”

  1. Tim says:

    Would NOT recommend. As active duty military, I feel like I have constantly had to do things for them from overseas, like ask for multiple bids when something is wrong with my property. This is because they use the same contractor each time, and they get a 10% commission on all repairs per their agreement. Pass this one up…not worth it in my opinion. I feel like they take the easy route, are rude, and need constant supervision. I have also edited the above complaint to not include certain details because I feel like I now have to watch out for them and their lawyers. There’s also an in depth video review of them here:

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