Delightful Detailing: 5 Home Exterior Trends You Should Know About

Whether trying to increase the value of a home or make it more comfortable, there are many reasons that homeowners decide to remodel. Although a lot of focus is put towards the interior of a home, there are many great ways to improve the exterior as well. Here are five home exterior trends that every homeowner should know about.

Turning a Home inside Out

There is a growing trend in 2019 to have functional living spaces moved outdoors. Instead of having a backyard that is used for a barbecue every other month, many homeowners are turning their yards into comfortable living areas. These outdoor spaces are designed to have the comfort of the interior of the home while having access to the serenity and peace of the outdoors.

Converting the Roof into Metal Material

A majority of roofs are constructed with coarse shingles on top of wooden boards or clay shingles. The difference typically depends on the house’s location. Warmer states such as Arizona and Florida normally use the clay shingles. Many homes are opting to switch to metal roofing instead of these more traditional options. In addition to providing longevity, stability, and efficiency, metal roofs also make homes look more aesthetically pleasing and increase their curb appeal as they’re easily customizable.

Using Dark Colors on the Exterior

Dark colors have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many homeowners are opting to paint their home exterior in a much darker tone in order to change the overall aesthetic of their home. This is a great way to make an older home feel completely new. The darker colors give a cooler atmosphere and can help to transform a home’s appeal. Blacks, dark reds, and dark blues are some of the most popular colors right now.

Installing Floor-to-ceiling Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows is another exterior trend of this year. While new homeowners have the benefit of building these larger windows into their home, those with preexisting homes must undergo the expensive renovation costs. These expenses can be worth the result as floor-to-ceiling windows greatly increase the value of a home.

Using Black as an Accent

Another major trend in 2019 is the use of the color black as an accent on a home’s exterior. Whether painting trim, around windows, or doors, many homeowners feel that this darker accent helps to make certain portions of the home pop.

Many homeowners spend too much time focusing on ways to transform the interior of their home. There are many great changes that can be made on the outside. These are five of the most popular exterior home trends in 2019.

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