Detail Your Garage With Personality By Including These 5 Things

Most garages are dull and lack any sense of personality. Instead of thinking about your garage as an afterthought, see it as an opportunity to enjoy an additional room. This space can bring just as much joy as any other room in the home but for most people it’s just a place to store all the items you want outside. Start off by preparing the garage for a makeover. Get rid of any clutter to give yourself room for creative inspiration. This allows you to better plan what type of details you’d like to include. Here are several cool ideas for bringing this area to life.Detailed Garage

Rustic Items

The garage is considered an in between space that separates the interior from the outside. It is an ideal place to create a rustic themed room. Add shelving that blend well with the theme. Find rustic style items like old watering cans, buckets, pottery and tools. Arrange these items on and around shelving however you wish. The space becomes a warm and cozy area to relax while working on a hobby when you add a little personality.

Personalized Wall Art

Have your favorite photos of loved ones and pets enlarged to wall size. Place them in frames and hang them on the walls. If you or any family members have artistic talent, create original artwork to display. Custom artwork makes the space feel like a natural extension of the home’s interior.

Nostalgic Signage

Bring back the old days by selecting pieces of nostalgic signage. There are places that sell reproductions of classic signs from gas stations, car and motorcycle dealerships and U.S. highway Route 66. Retro signs are a perfect decorative touch for a garage space that is used as a workshop. Add a retro clock and motor oil cans to complete the theme.

Colorful Wall Stripes

There is no rule that says the garage must be painted in dull colors. Liven up the walls with multicolored painted stripes. Choose a background color first. Select up to four colors for the stripes that pop off the wall with dramatic flair and get to it! Your garage will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Chalkboard Wall

Turn one entire wall into a chalkboard. Think of all the fun you’ll have writing notes or doodling. Put a primer on the wall first. Apply quality chalkboard paint following manufacturer’s directions. Wipe the board with a clean, dampened paper towel or cloth to keep your board looking its best.

A garage space is a great opportunity to create a well-organized room where you can do just about anything. It can be a place to hang out or you can invite neighbors over for a grill and chill. By adding color and personal touches you can turn your garage into a cool place to spend time. After you’ve moved all the clutter out you may need a little more space to put your belongings. You can be sure to take a look at some awesome storage units if you are hurting for more space after fixing up your garage.

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