The Difference Between Single and Studio Apartments

These days, there are plenty of accommodation options available for singles looking for a home for themselves. This is specifically true in case of those looking for rented facilities. In case you have been scouring the net, or asking around for the best places and ways of renting an apartment, then it would make sense to know the difference between single and studio apartments. First time apartment hunters usually gravitate towards lower-end, smaller apartments as they are either in constant need for funds or do not wish to invest in larger-sized apartments. One of the defining differences between singles and studios is that single apartments always have a singular, separate bedroom while the latter generally have the living area, kitchen and bedroom merging into each other. In addition, a single apartment serves to be larger in size, is more functional, and costlier than comparable studio apartments.

What do you mean by an Apartment?

An apartment usually refers to a self-contained, private residence that happens to be a part of a larger building. Such buildings are commonplace in cities and towns with dense population. The tenants or apartment dwellers are not owners of their portions of the building, nor do they have any underlying land in their possession.  Instead, they are in a position to lease the studio or single apartment of their choice from the real estate developer or company that owns the building.

Apartments for Singles

Apartments for Singles  generally refers to an apartment that boasts of a singular room. Also known as a “one-bedroom apartment,” such apartments have a full kitchen, which is either separated by a counter or is an integral part of the living and dining area. In a single apartment, you will find a full, separate bathroom. These apartments may occasionally have a den or nook, but they definitely do not have any other room or demarcated area other than a living space, kitchen, dining area and bathroom.

Studio Apartments

In residential buildings, studio apartments generally refer to living spaces where the living and sleeping areas are combined to form a central room. In general, there is no other room in such apartments though there may be an alcove in some. In case the studio apartment has a kitchen, it is either separated by a counter or is merged with the central space. Some studio apartments do not offer separate kitchens for their tenants; in such a case, there is a common kitchen area that can be used by all tenants. Most studios have a private bathroom that are set off in a small area; there are certain instances of studios having a shared common bathroom that becomes a part of other studio apartments.


Studio apartments are the cheapest and smallest types of apartments that can be rented at any location. They vary with respect to their cost, size and amenities. On the other hand, single apartments are well-suited for couples and individuals. These apartments are highly functional and offer quite a lot of space for their tenants to host guests and live comfortably – which one will you choose?

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