Disfunctional Garage Space? Here’s How to Get Organized

Cars that are stored in a garage tend to experience less problems. This is because you don’t have to worry about weather or sun damage, thieves stealing from you, or even the occasional instance of vandalism. However, many cars are left exposed on the street side or on the driveway because the garage has been used for storage of various odds and ends. Here are some of the steps that can help you to make more space in your garage.

Designate Shop Space

You may find it difficult to use space in your garage because that’s where you keep all of your tools and projects. There’s room for both the car and your shop materials, however, if you designate a small space to the side to be your shop space and leave the rest for the car. Old kitchen cabinets work really well for this purpose and allow you to keep your tools and materials out of the way. You may even be able to reuse your old kitchen countertops in order to create a place for you to work on your weekend projects. Have a table that folds up or drops down from the wall rather than a permanent fixture that will take up space.

Invest in Organization

There are lots of organizational tools that you can use that will reduce the amount of clutter that you have lying around your garage. Wall hangers work well for shovels, brooms, and other types of yard working tools. Shelving units can serve double duty for storing all of your seasonal decorations and car maintenance items. Another solution is to invest in overhead storage so that you can put some of your longer term items in a safe place when not in use. Utilize wall space and corners to store and organize things so that the majority of the open garage is left for parking your car.

Repair Garage Doors

If your garage doors aren’t in good working order, this can be an active deterrent to parking in the garage and result in a lot of wasted garage space. Look into repairing or replacing those old garage doors so that you can keep your car properly sheltered inside without having to worry about the doors getting stuck and trapping the car in. Call up a local, professional garage door company to assess the needs of your garage and help you figure out if you need a repair or replacement.

Build A Garden Shed

If you’re like most people, your garage becomes the dumping ground for all of your landscaping tools and excess materials. Clear out these items and put them into a garden shed so that they’ll still be protected during the off-season, and closer to the garden itself. You may even want to build a garden shed that has a potting area so that it can become more versatile for the needs of your household. Sheds are easy to build or even buy at your local hardware store, and are much more practical for gardening storage than blocking out your cars.

The first place to start with your garage is to clear out some of that old clutter. Get rid of what you don’t need and organizing the remaining items so that you can use the garage for its designated purpose. Your car needs to be sheltered if you want it to remain functional for its full lifespan, and your tools and other outdoor equipment can easily be moved or reorganized. Use these tips so that your cars can reclaim their lost garage space.

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