DIY Expert: The 4 Things Every Home Owner Can Learn to Fix

DIY at HomeHomeowners can save money and time by learning to do at least a few do-it-yourself projects. Knowledge of a few DIY jobs can not only save money but can give the person a sense of pride and accomplishment. Do-it-yourselfers tend to get better with every job they complete and they often go on to more complex projects. Here are four DIY jobs that just about every homeowner can do and save a couple of bucks.



Repairing Asphalt Shingles

Though high quality asphalt shingles on a roof can last up to 30 years or more, there might come a time when some repair work is needed.


1. The nails in the shingle above the damaged shingle should be removed by a easing a flat shovel beneath the shingle then removing the nails with a pry bar.

2. Remove an inch from the top edge of the new shingle and put it in place beneath the shingle above it.

3. New nails should be driven through the holes left by the old nails. If that’s not possible, fill the old holes with roofing cement.

4. The nailheads should be coated with roofing cement, then the upper shingles should be pressed in place.


Stopping Leaks Into the Foundation

If you’re looking for new homes in Utah County, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you have an old home, a leak in the foundation can cause a lot of problems. A splash block should be installed at the bottom of the downspout. The block needs to be angled away from the foundation walls. The homeowner can raise the block by packing gravel behind it.


Fixing a Cement Slab

Holes or cracks in a concrete slab are a simple fix.

1. Use a hammer and a cold chisel to chip through the crack to the solid concrete beneath, then clean it with a wire brush.

2. Using the cold chisel and the hammer, undercut the edges of the area and remove all loose concrete and debris.

3. Dampen the area to be patched and tap in the patching compound. Pack it in tight, then mount it to compensate for shrinking.

4. When the patch begins to set up, smooth it with a trowel. Cover the patched area and let it cure for about a week.


Stopping A Toilet Tank Leak

If the toilet tank is leaking, here’s a way to stop it:

1. Drain the tank.

2. Oil the bolt inside the tank and the bolt that holds it to the bowl, which should be underneath the tank. Then, tighten them carefully.

3. If the tank still leaks, remove the bolts and install new washers.

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