Do You Feel That Draft? 6 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Your house should be checked now before cold weather sets in. A good contractor will replace the filter, check the ductwork for leaks, and make sure the furnace is running as it is suppose to. A furnace that is constantly running to keep the house warm means that there is either a problem with the furnace or else a poorly insulated house.


The Insulation

An easy way to keep your house warmer this winter is to add more insulation in your attic. A blow in type is easiest to put in, usually a cellulose or fiberglass type. This needs to be done properly to keep stray fibers and dust out of the living area. If this does not keep your house warmer you may have a heating problem. Furnace services should be performed to see if it needs replaced.

Doors and Windows

Replacing old doors and windows with energy efficient ones will help keep your house warmer this winter. Even checking for drafts and sealing them on the old windows will help immensely. Heavy drapes hung over the windows will help keep the heat from escaping through the glass. Doors should fit tight and have a flexible seal installed.

The Crawl Space

Sealing the crawl space off from the outside elements will help prevent heat loss and keep your floors warmer. Vents should be closed and insulated. This will also keep water pipes from freezing and breaking. If they freeze, a heating service can reroute a vent to warm the crawl space.

Being Active

Staying active will keep you warmer and burn some calories at the same time. Playing table tennis, dancing, or even cleaning the house will feel like the house is warmer. This is also more healthier than setting around watching television.

Let the Sun In

Take advantage of the sun as it tracks across your house. Open the drapes on the east side in the morning and close them after the sun no longer shines in. Open the south side up during the day hours and the west in the evening. Not only will you get natural heat, the sunshine also feels good.

Dress Warmer

Wear thin layers of clothing to hold the heat in. Keep socks or house shoes on to keep your feet warm.


Keeping your home warmer this winter does not need to cost a fortune. Having your furnace checked on a yearly basis will keep it running efficiently for a very long time.

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