Domestic Disasters: Five Household Appliances That You Should be Wary of

Household appliances add to the comfort and convenience of our homes. However, common sense and cautiousness must be employed when using household appliances. Always read the manufacturer’s directions thoroughly to best understand the appliance you are working with. Read on for information about five common household appliances that you should handle with extra caution.


Yes, though microwaves cook food faster and use less energy than conventional ovens, their efficiency comes with some risk. There is currently some debate over whether or not the radiation they emit is dangerous. There is also a greater chance of microwaved food being unevenly cooked or improperly thawed, which can pose a health risk. Short circuits, though rare, can lead to explosions and fires. If your microwave requires repair, do not attempt to fix it on your own. To do so would be to risk electrocution and would likely do further damage to the appliance.


It is always prudent to be cautious when using a stove. Do not keep anything that could melt, nor anything flammable near your stove. Burns are common around stoves, so remember to always use oven mitts and be sure of your footing before you over a stove. Teach children and animals to stay away from the stove area and always place hot cooking tools out of the reach of children.

Space Heaters

While space heaters are convenient in their portability, they are also notorious for sparking residential fires. If you use them in your home, avoid overloading circuits and do not use them with extension cords. Space heaters, improperly used, can cause electrical shock and burns. Do not keep space heaters on when you are not present, and keep pets and children away from the space heater. Avoid using the space heater to dry wet clothing, and keep the space heater an acceptable distance from curtains, furniture, and papers.


Dryers are wondrously convenient compared to the air-drying of the past. They provide an excellent way to avoid pollen and other allergens that can become embedded in line-dried clothing. However, if you don’t keep up with cleaning the lint filter, the dryer can catch on fire. Be sure to clean the lint filter after every use, properly vent your dryer to the outside, and only run it when you are home. If you experience problems with your dryer, it’s best to seek professional assistance than to attempt the repairs yourself. Nat Mills, who specializes in appliance repair in Atlanta, says that it’s better to endure a few days without a drying machine than to risk the injuries you could easily suffer if you try to repair on your own. Wait, he says, until a qualified repairman can come assess the damage.


Children are often drawn to buttons, spinning objects, and interesting noises. While dishwashers are a fast and convenient way to get dishes clean, they are also a dangerous temptation for any kids in your house. Take the time to teach preventative safety tips about dishwasher dangers like hot steam and sharp, spinning parts.

Enjoy the convenience offered by your appliances, but always remain alert and attentive to potential household dangers.




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