Don’t Do-It-Yourself! 4 Jobs that are Worth Paying a Professional to Do

Minor Home ImprovementsDo-it-yourself is a great way to save money, build a sense of empowerment and customize your room or home the exact way you want it. Unfortunately, DIY’ers should not attempt certain jobs under any circumstances. Whether by ordinance, difficulty, danger or lack of experience, these jobs should be left to a professional. If you are in doubt that your local ordinance board may require a professional, check first before attempting it.

Electrical Wiring Installation

Many code ordinance boards require homeowners to have electrical wiring installation to be performed by licensed electricians. Electricity is not something to be taken for granted or lightly. During remodels or renovations, especially of older houses, the existing wiring may need complete replacement. Knowledge of the right size and type of wires, circuits, outlets, breakers is something most DIY’ers do not possess. Many homeowners’ insurance policies will not cover DIY electrical installation if a fire occurs.

Replacing Or Cleaning A Septic Tank

This one job can be far less expensive to hire a professional than trying to do it as a DIY job. The professional has the pump truck and licenses to take the waste to the proper disposal site. He or she also has the equipment to locate, remove and install the new tank properly. The technician can also inspect, repair and install any anti-backflow device that is required by most new building codes.

Cleaning The House’s Exterior

The exterior on homes can vary from solid brick, vinyl, aluminum and more. Most pressure washers available at rental supply shops use high pressure that may be too much for your house’s exterior. Homeowners have dented aluminum siding, removed mortar in between bricks and blasted shingles from outside walls. Experts of Home Cleaning Indianapolis suggest hiring a professional who knows the perfect amount of pressure to apply and is trained in using pressure washers. A professional house cleaning company technician will have the right cleaning solutions and training to use the proper amount of pressure to clean your home’s exterior.

Replacing The Roof

A professional roofer has the safety equipment, knowledge and training to remove and replace your roof. He or she can help you choose an energy-efficient roofing material that will complement your home’s style and décor. Proper flashing materials and boots will be installed to prevent moisture from entering the attic. The technician can also advise you about the need for adequate ventilation to lower your utility bills and ensure the longevity of your roofing materials. The roofer will ensure shingles or materials will be installed with straight, parallel lines and proper edging protection.

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