Don’t Let Your Home Fall Into Decay With 5 Suggestions

Home Falling Into DecayMany homeowners find themselves faced with costly repairs and replacements that could have been avoided by taking simple preventative measures. Here are some tips that will extend the life of your home.


1. Inspect Window Sills and Flashing

Annually inspect the caulking around skylights, windows, vents, and chimneys. Over time they can get brittle and dry causing water damage from leakage. Every opening that has cracked, dry, or missing caulk needs to have all the old caulk removed and replaced with new. This will keep a watertight seal.


2. Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts need to be intact and clean to ensure that water is moved away from your home. Once a year they must be cleared of debris, taking care not to damage them. A small garden shovel can be used on larger areas of debris while a garden hose with a spray attachment can be used for smaller pieces.


3. Check The Roof

Inspect your roof every three years or following any extreme weather. If you are not comfortable with the idea of getting up on the roof there are roof inspectors that will do it for you. Check for peeling, torn, loose, or missing shingles, water damage, holes, and sagging. Regular roof maintenance will determine how long your roof lasts.


4. Pest Control

Pest control is critical as an infestation can rapidly destroy a home from within. Examine the exterior of your home and remove any possible pest and insect habitats. Clear away any debris that is nearby, keep trash cans stored away from the home, and seal any openings that allow entry for pests. If you do find an infestation, call an exterminator right away.


5. In The Garage

Take a look at the rollers, hinges, and tracks on the garage door. To keep the door operating smoothly, use a damp rag to clean them up and then apply garage door lubricant to the tracks. Close the garage door and then check the hinges and brackets for loose bolts and screws that need tightened. Also check the weather stripping at the bottom of the door. If it doesn’t form a tight seal, it needs to be replaced. A professional, such as Ponderosa Garage Door and Repair, can assist you with any repair or replacement issues.


Routine home maintenance is simple and worth the time and effort to prevent disrepair and to keep you and your family living in safety and comfort.

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