Don’t Procrastinate On Your Outdoor Home Maintenance This Summer

Three Tips for Moving without Damaging Your Home or BelongingsThe warm weather is here and it is time to get the exterior of the house taken care of. Those tasks that were put off during the cold and wet season can, and should, be taken care of quickly to keep the home in good condition and prevent further issues from developing.


Roof Cleaning

Clear fallen leaves and branches off the shingles, look for damage and clean the gutters. Failure to perform gutter maintenance is one of the biggest causes of water damage to roofs and ceilings. A simple cleaning once or twice a year will protect your house more than any other hour of work you can perform. Inspect the chimney and skylights for damage while you’re up there.


Window Cleaning

Dust, bugs, and dirt build up on the windows, dimming the sunlight and creating a dingy appearance. Get a squeegee and a bucket to make the job easier and water the plants near windows to dilute the effect of the cleaner spilling onto them. Check for leaks and re-caulk areas that have become loose or are damaged. Put the screens back up after washing them. When the windows look clean and inviting, your house will feel brighter as well.


Pressure Washing

Clean outdoor furniture to remove accumulated debris and mold; repaint and re-stain furniture if needed. Wash decks, porches and sidewalks after sweeping away any leaves. They may need to be pre-treated with a mold killer; vinegar is a good option when trying to protect nearby plants. Carefully clean window trim to avoid peeling paint and lightly spray the house to remove cobwebs and dirt.


Lawn Care

Take the time to service mowers, edge trimmers, and blowers. Clean them, oil moving parts, sharpen blades and remove old gasoline before using. Replace filters, and check for loose bolts and wires. Fertilize the lawn and treat weeds as necessary. Trim overgrown bushes and prune trees to give them shape. Inspect hoses and outdoor faucets for leaks and repair or replace if needed.



Now is the time to put in that new fence, create a garden, or make other improvements that just aren’t feasible when the weather is cold and wet. Think about what you really want in your yard this year while you enjoy the outdoors.


Although work around the house is never-ending, performing these few maintenance activities routinely will keep you from having to deal with emergencies that come from neglect. A few hours of time now can save hundreds of dollars in repairs later.

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