Dream Home Nightmares: How to Handle the Construction Stages

Dream Home Nightmares How to Handle the Construction Stages

While building a dream home is a very exciting process, it can be a stressful when poorly managed. Large projects will often become overwhelming, and homeowners need to handle each stage with patience and clarity in order to avoid potential nightmares. Keep these tips in mind as you got through the construction stages on your house.

Planning and Design
The design and planning stages of a construction project will lay the groundwork for building a family’s dream home. Homeowners need to make a concerted effort to communicate their ideas during this phase of construction, as failure to do so will often result in unfortunate callbacks, costly delays, and a final product that simply falls flat. Homeowners are encouraged to hire an architect that has a track record of translating the client’s ideas onto a working set of blueprints. When the homeowner doesn’t make it clear what they want, the final build will rarely meet their expectations.

Choosing a Custom Builder
To ensure that a dream home doesn’t become a nightmare, homeowners need to be very careful when selecting their contractor. From placing the job out for bid, to checking personal and professional references, this is a critical decision for any family. Homeowners should secure three bids in order to provide them with enough information to make an informed decision. It’s important to remember that price should never be a deal breaker, and each bid should be looked at carefully to understand why there might be significant differences between estimates.
Homeowners should also look for an Aurora custom home builders who are experienced with their particular style of home. Whether it’s a timber-frame design, or a home with specific design criteria, contracting an inexperienced builder will cause problems that are difficult to recover from.

Without excellent communication between the homeowner, architect, and contractor, a dream home has little chance of being a true success. During the construction stages, it’s important to understand exactly what is going on, and make certain that schedules are being met and there are no design changes being made without discussing all of the available options. Almost all builders will make minor changes without consulting the homeowner. If there are design features, or home renovations in Aurora that a homeowner is absolutely committed to, that is a point that must be communicated from the very beginning of the project.

Small details will get the best of any homeowner, only because they are typically overlooked until they become major issues. Whether it’s the placement of a window, the style of interior trim, or a subtle difference in grout color, every last detail needs to be monitored on some level. Homeowners should never assume that a custom builder is capable of mind reading, because unfortunately that is never the case.

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