Dream Kitchen: 5 Ways to Transform Your Sanctuary

Timeless kitchenFor many people, a kitchen is more than a room for making meals. It is a sanctuary from the events taking place in other areas of a home.


To turn your kitchen into your dream space, consider these options:


Reface the Cabinets


Paint bubbles and cracks when exposed to cooking heat and humidity, and requires regular touch-ups. New cabinet installation is costly and time consuming. An experienced refacer can apply a veneer of your choice to existing cabinets in a few days and give your kitchen a completely different look at almost half the cost of replacement. Additionally, a refacer replaces the most used parts of your cabinets, the door and drawer fronts and hardware, at no additional cost.


Buy an Island


Another way to quickly transform your kitchen is with the installation of a stationary or portable island. Not only does an island add extra work space and storage, but it also creates a social hub where family or friends can gather to cook or just chat. The best part is that you can match the colors and styles of your island’s counter and cabinets to the rest of the kitchen cabinetry, appliances and décor.


Create a Breakfast Nook


Whether you opt for a custom job, or simply add a table and chairs to a corner, a breakfast nook is the perfect spot for creating an extra sanctuary within your dream kitchen. Besides using a nook for food preparation and dining, you can also use it to just sit back and enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage, read a book, do homework or catch up with an old friend.


Add Standalone Cabinetry


A pantry, baker’s rack, pie chest, china closet or other standalone cabinet can also help you transform your kitchen without breaking the bank. One or more pieces of standalone furniture will accent your current décor, while also providing a bit of extra work space or storage that can help improve efficiency and organization in the kitchen.


Give Floors a New Look


If you can only afford one remodeling project this year, make it floor replacement. Kitchen floors experience a lot of wear. Over time, they can appear grimy and damaged. Floor replacement is one of the most noticable kitchen renovations. Additionally, your floors might not match any recent decorating changes you’ve made. You can quickly transform your kitchen by removing the current floors and replacing them with new materials in fresh designs and colors; or by resurfacing them with rolled linoleum or adhesive backed linoleum squares.


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