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Echo Summit Properties Echo Summit was founded with the mission of increasing the quality and effectiveness of managing residential and multi-family rental properties. Proactive maintenance, targeted marketing, careful tenant selection and continual presence are all critical to this goal.

Their in-depth understanding of how to manage properties, combined with cutting edge technology, systems and processes have allowed them to succeed. They have established a quality reputation in Denver-area rentals, and are now the de-facto rental company for professional sports teams, local media personalities, and large companies looking to relocate its key employees.

Echo Summit Properties
6535 S. Dayton St. #1050
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

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  1. Chelsie Fisher says:

    I rented from Echo Summit for a year and was hugely disappointed. they were slow in making key repairs (replacing a furnace in -19 degree weather) and were not friendly at all when I had to work with them. They were the broker in my home rental and did a poor job allowing the contract with the home-owner expire before my lease expired. I strongly encourage people looking to rent to avoid Echo Summit.

  2. Tom Denver says:

    A lease option in acquiring a property is a practical way that will benefit both the buyer and the seller of the property as well. For this kind of deal, the property may be sold in an amount affordable to the buyer in such terms and conditions but not sacrificing the price the owner has invested upon the property.

  3. Dave Denver says:

    I rented from Echo Summit for two years. During that time their office staff was rude and could care less about the renter or their privacy. They would not call and entered our home at anytime the pleased. Did not take care of the property as Advertised in their 14 point inspection and sent over KIDS to take care of things. Currently we wait for our deposit back ( they will get around to it when they please) and they are the most unprofessional management company I have ever delt with. Do your homework on this one because you will be sorry! Go somewhere else! Beware!

  4. Christi Denver says:

    We rented with Echo Summit for a one year lease. During that time, they never came to the property for repairs that needed to be done. I contacted them via phone several times with the items that needed attention and they just never sent anyone to do the work.

    Agree with Dave above, the staff was very rude. They also sent over people to show the place without notifying us. All of a sudden we have five people at our door and I have no clue who or where they’re from…of course they don’t bother to call and apologize either.

    At the end of the lease we contacted Echo Summit about receiving our deposit back and were told they legally have up to 60 days to refund deposits but they typically get them out within 30 days. 30 days rolls around and I give them another call and she said they will be out “this week”. It’s been three weeks since then and I have not seen the check.

    They have avoided my calls, not returned my messages, and ignored my e-mails. No one even picks up the phone at the office anymore. What kind of business is this???

    When they need anything from us they are on it but when the tables are turned and they owe the customer some attention, no effort is made. How do you do business like this?

    DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE! Awful customer service!

  5. Sona says:

    ECHO SUMMIT PROPERTIES truley sucks!! They have a very bad customer service. They made me seem like they don’t care for my business.

    At first, when i inquired with Echo Summit Properties in Greenwood Village about managing my property, the sales agent, Alison, was very prompt in responding. She was so impromptu, that in the beginning that she responded to my e-mails with minutes through her blackberry. She appeared on my door the following day with a contract. Seeing such a quick service, i handed Echo Summit management of my property. BUT guess what?…as time passed, Alison started slacking. I hardly heard from her, there were no showings of the property for a month. There was no feedback from her. No imfornation. She completely disappeared.

    I was concerned and frustrated, so i called their office and presented my dilemma to one of the managers, and nothing improved. They were gladly wanting to cancel the contract, and i was OK with that. Then Alison woke up from her sleep, and said – “hey, we have a few showings” I thought perhaps she genuinely cares. So, I asked them to advertise for me on The ad never went up for a week. I brought it up to the management, and they were point fingers at each other.

    I thought after giving Echo Summit a second chance, they would value me as their customer. However, the trend of neglatcing their customers seems like a “norm” for that Company. I wasted a month and a half with them and got no where.

    I would NEVER recommend anyone to use Echo Summit Properties for their property Management needs. I could say no more than this. What can one suck when a Company like Echo Summit sucks big time? Don’t be there prey. There are better companies out there that they care for you.

  6. Mari says:

    I rented from Echo Summit Properties for a year and have to agree with the others. In the beginning they had great customer service skills wanting me to rent from them. After doing so everything seemed to be fine. They did their 3month check up (which to me seemed very odd)said everything was fine and going thru every drawer (this really pissed me off). When it was time to get some repairs done they took their time in returning my calls and even more time in actually getting to the property. When they finally got there and inspected everything they tried to tell me that I was going to have to pay for the maintenance person that showed up.
    When I went to their Greenwood Village location to talk to the property mananger about this she was VERY RUDE and CONDESCENDING to me. We were arguing for quite some time. Until I finally mentioned to her I was going to seek legal advice as to my contract and their requirments to me. At that moment is only when I got some kind of results.
    However, after that I needed to get some more repairs done at the property due to water damage and possible mold. It took them a few weeks to even get to me. When they finally came to check out the damages it took a month for them to come back and finish repairs.
    Also with the others there was not a 24hrs advance notice as to people coming over and viewing the property. I did get a call from them however it was at the last minute.
    I started to rent from private management companies because I did not want to have to deal with the same issues as I did with apartments. But with Echo summit it was even worse.
    I would def. suggest to rent elswhere. I had a good experience with Barkman Property Management just a F.Y.I.

    So my overall rating for them is not even one gold star.
    Horrible services!!!!!

  7. Nola says:

    What a crappy company! I rent a $2400/month home, have made many many calls to them with NO return call since I’ve moved in! There are major and minor repairs that need attention and no service from Echo Summit. I would hate to be a homeOWNER relying on this “management” company to keep my house standing!

  8. Aaron says:

    Oh my, where to start. My wife and I decided to use Echo-Summit to manage our home in Parker, CO. At that time, these reviews did not exist or I would have gone else where. First, they rented our home to what was supposed to me a Mother, Daughter and Grand Daughter (2 total on the lease). Within a month we had received 2 HOA complaints that they were using our home as a flop house. ES supposedly approached them and we then found out there were 4 people on the lease, one of which is a Felon (how did they pass the background check?). Moving on, we have paid for over $4000 in repairs to the home in just 8 months and when question ES they just say its legit. The last repair was $1025 for a water heater, seriously? I wanted other quotes and they said everyone else was more. Seems pretty shady to me. Now our renters have not fulfilled their rent and are being evicted and ES DID NOT CONTACT US TO LET US KNOW!!!! WTF?!?! I called them when we had not rent payment for the month. All I got was voice mail and instead of a call back, a stupid email explaining they will pay at the end of the week. Next week, Tuesday (haven’t heard anything) I call again. They were like, “oh yeah, they haven’t paid but they are supposed to by the end of the week”. Another week of no payment? 2 weeks go by and NO contact from ES. I call them again, “oh, we started eviction paperwork yesterday”. I said, “don’t you think you should call me and let me know this?” Now, yet another 1 1/2 weeks has gone by with ZERO contact. I call again and cannot get a hold of anyone, they are all busy. So, I call the next day, again, busy, leave another voice mail. This company DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS!!!!!!!! THEY SUCK!!!! Owner’s and Renter’s BEWARE!

  9. carman says:

    This company is unbelievable. I have rung them many many times to report failures in the house I am renting from them at a premium. Over market value, infact. No return phone calls, no response to our needs to have a functioning home = to the amount of rent we pay. We deserve to have the house function with all of its services in return for the rent we pay. I am going to the BBB of Denver and I am looking for an expose television program to show Echo Summit to the Denver community.I find it hard to fathom that the owner of the house I am renting would hold back service in the amount of a few hundred dollars to protect an investement worth 300k +? I concur with Nola. no stars.

  10. Steve says:

    What a dissapointment! Does this company have a clue? It boast about being the fastest growing company in Denver. How come we do not see them boasting about customer service? How they treat the people who rent from them? How can the owner not see these bad post about his company?

    If you try to call the company, you get no response. When you do speak to someone there they are rude. I too will be going to the BBB to file a claim. If your late they have no problems, posting you quickly but they are so slow on maintenance issues.

    I will be moving out as soon as my lease is up. I bet most of their 28 units available to rent are re-rentals because us tenants don’t have to stay and put up with this nonsense. If you are a owner looking for management companies, this is not the one.

    Thanks for reading this. Do your homework, and do not rent from Echo Summit Properties. I wonder if I can go to the Real Estate Commission and report them there too. Can someone post me back on that?

  11. colleen says:

    Poor service for rental management. I would not recommend for anyone to use this company. Poor return on phone calls, Staff turnover, do not ensure homes are maintained. I have received 2 HOA notices for the yard within one month. They do not follow through on promises.
    I am disgusted with their customer service.

  12. Mike says:

    My wife and I used this company to rent our Denver home. HUGE MISTAKE. The company is horrible when it came to providing basic customer service in a timely, professional manner. What they are good at is making money for themselves and hiding behind their contract. They returned our house to us in a state of poor repair. The owner of the company is rude and condescending. The office staff is incompetent. The so called 16 point inspection never took place in 2 years. They used repairmen that over charged for their services that did not typically fix the problems. STAY AWAY FROM ECHO SUMMIT !!

  13. Wilson Denver says:

    Rented an apartment from Echo Summit. While trying to set up first time auto payment for my first and future rent so it would always be on time, a mistake was made due to it being my first time and a lack of information from an employee who answered the phone. As a result my rent for the first month was 6 days late (mailed from my bank instead of electronically transferred) and I was fined. When I called and said it was an honest mistake and partially their fault and offered to pay half the fine, they not only refused the offer, the were going to send it to a collection agency. Technically they were within their rights I guess. But on a human level……..the kind of people that make the world a worse place to live in. There are many other rental options in Denver..

  14. Heidi says:

    We rented a home through this company which was a big mistake. They did not arrange for simple repairs to be done in a timley manner. The office staff was rude. I feel sorry for the owners of the house. Avoid this company.

  15. Cy says:

    We are currently using this Management company and its been more than a year. At first the company was performing well, but as time goes by the true nature is showing its face. Our properties look like crap! we receiving citations from city for multiple locations. Penalties are being posted for the violation. Staff turn over rate is too high. If I knew I would not have chose this company.

  16. WTF? says:

    I’ve been reading all these on-line reviews. I wished I would have taken all these reviews more seriously. These guys have horrible reviews all over the web. Seems like the common thread is they treat you nice in the beginning but after you sign up – you are treated like krap and ignored. There are dozens of reviews like this and even the BBB has alot of complaints.

  17. Joe says:

    If the lease does not say when the deposit will be returned they have 30 days plus 7. If they didnt return it by law u can sue for 3 timea the amount.

  18. Ditto says:

    Empathy for you. I didn’t let my problems get as far as yours. I quickly terminated them and they sure didn’t appreciate that. But I did reach the same conclusion. They treated me well in the beginning and as time went on — I found them rather unresponsive, rude and argumentitive. For example when asked about accounting errors they argued with me and the errors were beyond obvious. Eventually they came clean and fixed the errors but I should not have to review my statements with a magnifying glass every month. There are remedies for your situation.

  19. Cy says:

    Hey anyone has a solution and suggestions?

  20. Susan says:

    I ALMOST signed a lease with Echo-Summit yesterday. I had requested a copy of the lease three or four times over several days so that I could review it in advance. I finally received it five minutes before leaving to go sign it. I believe the delay was done on purpose so that I would not have time to review it before signing. While waiting for the Echo Summit rep (Barb) to arrive, I looked over the lease. I was floored at how one-sided it was and the fact that it allowed them pretty much carte blanche to enter the home and make any repairs they deemed necessary and send me (or the owner) the bill. The late fees were also unnecessarily aggressive. So, I decided not to sign. Thank God, because I’ve read nothing but bad reviews about them and other property managers I have spoken to have confirmed their horrible reputation in the industry for marking up work orders and billing for all kinds of unnecessary repairs. They have 13 complaints against them according to the BBB, three (I believe) of which were unsatisfactorily resolved. There are plenty of other good property managers out there, and lots of individuals that are looking for good, honest tenants. Don’t take the risk by entering into a contract with Echo-Summit!

  21. lease says:

    Have you ever worked with owners in property management? Everyone one who rents from Echo needs to ask themselves that question before you blame the company. And the owners posting comments,ask yourself this how many times did the sales agent suggest a price drop? Maybe that’s why your property is sitting, how many times did the PM call and request funds for a repair and you denied them? Look at what you maybe doing before blaming.

  22. Bad Management says:

    “Lease” I’d have to agree with Carman. You obviously work for Echo Summit and need to learn how to write or ask someone for a little help writing. I suggest you state your response a little clearer. Plus if you look at the date, you are responding to something to your tenant that posted a very old complaint.

  23. Martin says:

    Dear “Lease”. Are you one of the individuals that Echo Summit reportedly pays to write good reviews about them or are you one of their less than stellar employees? Everyone be advised that there is a post from a past Echo Summit customer who indicated that this company asked him to write positive comments about them in exchange for reduced fees. He too left this company due to inferior customer service. Be careful when dealing with this company.

  24. marybees says:

    Wow! SLUMLORDS!!! I recently left an Echo Summit property and now live in a place that actually has quality management. What a difference. Every employee I dealt with at Echo Summit, especially Eric, treated me like I was a nuisance despite having paid my rent on time every month for the past year. Eric, or anyone at Echo Summit for that matter, simply could not be bothered with maintenance requests or my concerns about the meth addicts living next door. The property looked like sh*t most of the time and in fact sh*t could often be found in the hallways. Clearly this management company does not care about its tenants or the people they manage properties for. Do yourself a favor and avoid at all costs. I was ecstatic when my lease ended and I could finally move at the hellhole I was living in.

  25. Leilani says:

    Yes, it’s called the BBB. I don’t believe Property Management companies are regulated by the local board of realtors. If however, ES is brokering RE, then yes, you could call the board of realtors. The BBB was established as a consumer protection arm for customers that are disastified with bad service. It’s an easier way of having your case mediated than going to small claims court.

  26. Walter says:

    I spoke to someone in sales at this company that said people only write reviews when they want to complain. It’s been very insightful reading all these horrible reviews on this company. I did find quite a few other property management companies in Denver with much better reviews than this company.

    Thank you for all the warnings! I’ll take my business elsewhere.

  27. Property Owner says:

    I agree. Eric is a turd even to property owners. Claims he’s an ex marine. Sadly, he needs some personal skills training and help understanding what constitutes fraud.

    I would join the cause and submit a complaint to the Denver DA if you believe you saw anything illegal from them. Would love to put a them away.

  28. BurnedbyES says:

    Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one treated like poop by this guy. Eric was rude to me on every occassion when I spoke with him as well. I could not even get him to return my calls – try calling Ellie or emailing her. She won’t even return a phone call either. Has everyone read all the other reviews on – line about this company. The BBB has ALOT of complaints.

  29. notgonningtosay says:

    I have been studying this company and reached some conclusions. Unless you have an enormous amount of evidence that some sort of fraud was committed, I don’t think the DA will do anything about this company. I do believe that the only recourse is a lawyer and or maybe the bbb to rememdy and damages that may have occured due to negligence. Although they have a way of operating that provokes clients and landlords I don’t see any criminal intent. It is my opinion that they are just a bunch of bumbling idiots that can’t figure out how to provide good customer service.

  30. Jessica W says:

    If I could leave no stars…or less than one star, that would be generous. I looked at a property and loved it! That day I went to Echo Summit and filled out the 6 page application and paid the $70 application fee. For over a week and a half, I called everyday…leaving messages and talking to secretaries who knew NOTHING! If I was lucky enough to get a hold of one of the secretaries would babble on, not knowing what she was talking about and promised a phone call back. Those phone call NEVER came! Not once did I actually speak to someone who knew anything about the property I wanted or the process of my application. When I finally did receive a phone call back (a week and a half after I submitted the application) it was a lengthy message (from the secretary) explaining that I did not get the property but that I should check out their website for other possible housing options. She also mentioned that IF I wanted my application fee back, I should let her know…but it may take weeks to process. I am VERY unhappy with the lack professionalism and service Echo Summit did not even attempt to provide. I would not recommend any one working with them…by viewing their website, it is all lies! Unless you love never getting calls back…and inconsistent information, I would stay away from Echo Summit. Worst experience ever!

  31. Andrew says:

    Long term property management firms in Colororado (over 30 day leases) are required by the State of Colorado to be real estate brokerages. Complaints can be filed on line at the Department of Regulatory Affairs Real Estate Division. The Department will investigate all claims at no cost to the consumer.

  32. Bobbie says:

    That’s a bad experience, Jessica, but be thankful that you didn’t get the approval. You dodged a bullet.

  33. Vera Murphy says:

    I have never worked with such an incompetent firm and unfriendly staff. I hired them to do a lease only and after trying to contact the broker several times with no response I should’ve realized this is their normal way of not doing business. I was not informed on any stage of the process until it was too late and they moved someone in without my knowledge. I am still waiting for the normal information provided to a landlord but guess what, they won’t respond to emails and phone calls.
    Elle (the CEO) is extremely rude and has no interest in solving this problem. I am reporting them to the BBB and also to th Real Estate Commission.

  34. Susan says:


    Echo Summit, a Greenwood Village-based property management company, leased our $600,000 home to a couple with a felony, a bankruptcy, and an outstanding lien between them.

    These highly unqualified tenants, with credit scores in the 460-520 range, took occupancy of our property in October 2014. They used it as group home for teen moms, in violation of neighborhood covenants. They trashed the place, and when we asked Echo Summit to do something about it, they refused.

    Echo Summit knew it was placing bad tenant in our home and did so anyway. The tenants had actually disclosed the crime and their interest in running the teen-mom group home. It was all in the rental application yet Echo Summit failed to disclose any of this to us. Instead, Echo Summit represented that it had found qualified tenants who were using our property as a single-family home.

    We had to hire a private investigator after receiving complaints from neighbors about an usual number of cars and people coming in and out of the house – disrupting a quiet neighborhood of luxury homes.

    The tenant kept a large passenger van on the property that was never listed on the lease. Early one morning, we personally witnessed about eight to 10 people, most of whom were children and teens, exiting the house and climbing into the van.

    We were concerned that the tenants were in violation of Arapahoe County occupancy laws and the rules that govern our homeowners association. But Echo Summit did not properly investigate the complaints we reported to them.

    Echo Summit advertised, and represented to us, that it conducts “detailed employment, credit, criminal, sex offender and rental background checks” on prospective tenants. And yet it put a felon in our home.

    Echo Summit also made frequent repairs without first getting our approval. They continued to do this after we had communicated to them many times that all repairs needed to be cleared by us since there seemed to have been so many. The company often charged us without providing adequate receipts. And its faulty repair to our kitchen resulted in a faucet dripping for months, causing hundreds of dollars in water damage to our custom wood cabinets.

    Company representatives were always difficult to reach and evaded most of our concerns.

    They often refused to take our phone calls and more often, provided incomplete responses to our questions via email. They did not like to be questioned and instead, got angry when questioned. Other representatives from the company simply passed us around their phone tree without addressing anything.

    On one occasion, when we reminded one representative that we were the customers, he said, “I don’t work for you” and hung up. Almost every statement Echo Summit representatives made to us proved erroneous, if not dishonest.

    Echo Summit has never apologized for this fiasco, admitted to any mistakes, or properly settled its bills with us.

    Given our experience, and the long history of similar complaints against Echo Summit from other customers, we believe the owners of these properties, as well as their tenants, are at risk. Do not use this company to manage your property. Do not rent from this company.

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