Eight Ways to Preserve Wood Floors for Longer

Use Rugs

Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home that can last for many years. Unfortunately it is not hard to accidentally damage or discolor a wood floor by skipping proper maintenance. To keep a wooden floor looking great and doing its job, it is essential to take good care of it. These eight tips can help homeowners make sure their wooden flooring doesn’t start looking shabby as it handles the strains of everyday use.

1.      Monitor Humidity

Humidity is one of the biggest causes of damage to wooden flooring. Keep humidity levels as constant as possible throughout the year by using a humidifier when it is dry outside and using a dehumidifier during weather that is unusually rainy or damp.

2.      Clean Naturally

Natural kitchen products like vinegar and water are the best choices for cleaning wooden flooring, and olive oil does a great job of maintaining the shine in most hard wood floors. It is important to avoid using wax based shining options on wooden floors, since it can cause damage to the wood.

3.      Window Treatments

Sunlight can cause long term damage to wooden floors that leaves them discolored and ugly looking. Protect flooring from damage by using SunburstShutters.com window coverings on windows and glass doors. Window films block solar rays with an efficiency that is hard to match with less complete window coverings like curtains and blinds.

4.      Pay Attention

Small dips or raised areas on your floor can indicate problems like leaks and damage underneath. Fixing wooden flooring after a small amount of dipping or raising is simple, but letting it sit can destroy the floor. Follow up on any unexpected oddities that show up in a wood floor.

5.      Avoid Furniture Scratches

Moving furniture even a small amount can cause damage to a wooden floor. Put felt squares underneath furniture legs and corners to protect a hard wood floor from scratches. The felt will protect the flooring from the little daily movements that come from sitting or leaning on furniture or bumping it while walking through a room.

6.      Use Rugs

Carefully placed rugs can help a wooden floor last for many years. Foot traffic slowly wears down wooden flooring over time, especially traffic from hard soled shoes. Lay down rugs in high traffic areas to protect flooring from wear that will eventually give the wood an uneven look.

7.      Sweep or Vacuum Carefully

When clearing a wood floor of dust and debris, use a broom with soft bristles or a vacuum that is specifically designed for hard flooring. Cleaning a wood floor with the standard cleaning options that work on tile and linoleum can cause scratches and wear in the wood.

8.      Handle Spills Right Away

Spills happen in every household, and it can frequently be tempting to let a spill sit for a bit while handling another urgent task. Clean up messes as fast as possible on a wooden floor to make sure the color of the spill doesn’t seep into the wood. Even well treated wood can be somewhat porous, so handling spills right away is the only ways to avoid staining the floor.

Wooden flooring can be the most durable and long lasting floor option available when it is properly treated. Protect a wooden floor from scratches and sunlight, clean it properly and pay attention to little problems before they turn into large ones to keep a wood floor in good condition for as long as a home is occupied. With the right level of care and attention to detail, a floor that is purchased today can stay beautiful through several generations of homeowners.

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